So, you've landed on our ambassador program page... I guess we should share some details into what being an ambassador for Redemption's Guild means...


You're a content creator on YouTube, Twitch, or some other world wide web video content sharing platform. You own an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and a VR ready PC.


  • You will receive early access demos leading up to the launch of the game!

  • You will be assigned a unique 10% off Redemption's Guild Founder Pack coupon to share with your community.

  • Your community members will be entered into a raffle to win an exclusive ambassador community based armor set!
    1 winner will be chosen bi-weekly for each Ambassador community and will only be triggered if they have 5 new sales since last raffle.

  • Exclusive ambassador rewards through milestones!

  • You will receive a free $25 founder pack, if already bought you will receive a free upgrade.
    (Up to a $100 founder pack)

  • Access to an exclusive ambassador discord channel.

  • Exclusive ambassador armor set in game (wearable on all classes)

  • Ambassadors with the top sales monthly will be announced via our social media platform and discord, and will be featured in one of our monthly newsletters. We will include links to your social media and streaming platform.


Note: Only tier 2-6 qualify as a purchase toward your milestone rewards)

  • 1 SALE

    • Exclusive ambassador knight shield, sword and ranger bow

  • 3 SALES

    • Exclusive elementalist wand, tome and rogue daggers

  • 5 SALES

    • Exclusive cleric staff and berserker greatsword

  • 10 SALES

    • $250 founder pack (can be gifted)

  • 20 SALES

    • $500 founder pack (can be gifted)

  • 30 SALES

    • Exclusive Ambassador pet that will follow you in game and reward you with various cosmetic goodies that only the pet can give! Stand out from the crowd!

  • 40 SALES

    • Exclusive Redemption's Guild Ambassador t shirt and mouse pad! (We will only cover shipping costs of up to $35 USD, this should cover most U.S. ambassadors, international ambassadors will have to pay the remaining shipping costs)

  • 50 SALES

    • Exclusive early access demos of every major expansion pack.

    • When capes are added to game (future update) we will allow you to custom design your own cape! (subject to Unlit Games approval)

    • You will also be given a signed copy of one of our original concept art! (We will only cover shipping costs of up to $35 USD, this should cover most U.S. ambassadors, international ambassadors will have to pay the remaining shipping costs)

    • You will be in the credits of Redemption's Guild as an Ambassador



i don't want to feel like a glorified salesman pushing "RG" on my community, do i have to push sales?

  • No! You don't need to sell anything and there is no quota. We hope between the rewards you would receive and the discounts and rewards your community gets there will be some extra initiative to spread the word.


what am i required to do?

  • You are required to stream or post at least 3 videos for each demo you receive. These videos must be streamed or uploaded within at least 2 weeks of receiving your last demo.

  • You must have a Redemption's Guild logo somewhere on your stream or upload.

  • You are required to post links to our store website and our steam store in the stream or uploaded video description.

Click HERE to download logos


i submitted a form but i haven't received an email yet, when should i receive one?

  • It could take up to a week or two to receive an approval message. If you don't see a message within 2 weeks then you weren't accepted.

Note: Unlit Games can deny or cancel demo access and your ambassador access (including discord access, rewards, etc) at any time they feel it is necessary to protect it's brand or the ambassador is not meeting their expectations.


i am a content creator and i want to review / play the game on my channel, can i do that without being an ambassador?

  • Yes! Just email Be sure to supply your YouTube/Twitch URL and request a beta key. Press kits can be found HERE


Please describe why we should accept you as an ambassador for Redemption's Guild. Please share your social media links (or usernames) and your average video upload or streaming schedule.


North Carolina, U.S.A.

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