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Ever since mortals could grip a weapon, they have always been drawn to combat, whether they willingly sought it out or it sought them. For those who seek the thrill of combat, arenas were created to fulfil this satisfaction against other fighters or ferocious beasts. Arenas attracted spectators who would place gold on the fights to earn more in return if their combatant was victorious. Crowds that gathered around these arenas to watch the fights with their gold on the line would grow annoyed the longer the fight dragged on without any excitement. Arena fighters were encouraged to wield larger weapons and they adopted an aggressive fighting style to quickly cleave their foes, letting their battle rage drive their attacks. The more these fighters were injured, the more enraged they became and they drove their attacks harder. Those who took up this fighting style were called Berserkers, for those who wore this title revelled in a pit fighter’s life.

After Berserkers began to become more common, there were fighting styles that had begun to separate them from one another. Many chose to take on the proud fighting style known as a blood letter, which focused on dealing devastating strikes and letting their victims bleed out over time. However, some chose to let their rage build within them, ignoring the pain of incoming attacks until they eventually unleashed their rage to deal massive damage.

Currently, not many Berserkers are still fighting for the entertainment of others since the Council in Tiastra declared such entertainment to be immoral. There are still a few fighting arenas scattered throughout Stellaria whose locations remain a secret. However, most Berserkers now join guilds so that their lust for combat can be sated. Most city patrols are afraid to have such fierce fighters in their ranks, which is probably for the best for both parties, as a bloody battle isn’t often found by the patrols, thanks to the work of the guilds.

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