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Class Toppage



Those who have taken up the duties of a Knight become the sworn protectors of Stellaria and a champion of its guardian goddess, Auroris.

With both Sword and Shield in hand, they must defend their allies and root out wickedness in accordance with the Code of Chivalry.

Knights usually act as the party's front-line fighter / tank.

Weapons / Kit:


Harnessing the power of the Protean Elements - Fire, Ice, Lightning and Arcane - Elementalists can weave magical spells against their opponents.

Long ago, a schism befell the two schools of magic. Devotees of the everlasting Perennial Elements parted with those who study the temporal Protean Elements. The latter are far more vulnerable to its temptations of power. Only a wise and humble warlock can master the elements without also falling into their servitude. 

Elementalists usually act as the party's back-line fighter.

Weapons / Kit:


Many people have devoted themselves to the teachings of Auroris, none more so than the devout Clerics.

Through faith and prayer, they are able to wield the intense, holy light of the Goddess to either subjugate evil, or imbue the righteous with life and vitality.


The most skilled Clerics are capable of concentrating on their devotion, in the midst of intense combat, in order to heal their allies during pivotal battles.

Clerics usually act as the party's backline fighter / healer.

Weapons / Kit:


Those who embrace the thrill of battle whole-heartedly are fulfilling the role of the Berserker.


Heroic gladiators once entertained crowds of roaring spectators in the arena of combat. Now, those days are bygone, but their art-form lives on. Berserkers call upon a tempest of their own wild emotions to inspire themselves and unleash swift and devastating death upon all who would stand in their way.


Some even channel their murkiest impulses to protect their allies from harm. 

Berserkers usually act as the party's front-line fighter / tank.

Weapons / Kit:


Unscrupulous and quick-witted, Rogues usually have a plan to escape any unfortunate situation they may find themselves in. Those blessed with a heart of gold usually abandon an assassin's life, opting to devote their skills in service to Auroris instead.

Armed with poisons from exotic snakes and lightweight armaments to ensure freedom-of-movement, Rogues can be tricky and deadly foes to deal with, which is why you'll want one at your side.


When no heinous deed is beneath you, anything is possible. When anything is possible, no victory is insurmountable.

Rogues usually act as the party's front-line fighter.

Weapons / Kit:



The art of ranging requires keen senses, awareness of one's surroundings, a steady hand and pin-point accuracy. Those gifted enough to possess these talents may gravitate to the life of a Ranger.

Many skilled marksmen have lived, died, and been celebrated throughout Stellaria's history, but their unique abilities are needed now more than ever.

As the Night God Lunos expands the realm of darkness and wilderness over the ruins of a once-prosperous civilization, a new frontier has opened up for many Rangers hoping to make a name for themselves.

Rangers usually act as the party's backline fighter.

Weapons / Kit:

Knight Anhcor
Cleric Anchor
Elementalist Ancho
Berserker Anchor
Rogue Anchor
Ranger Anchor
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