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Circa 392: Strange beings had begun to appear on Stellaria. They claimed to have come to mortal kind with no intention of ill will, but were sent instead to spread teachings about the deity Auroris, who returned light to the world. Many listened to what these beings had to say and took their words to heart, and a few even chose to become priests in Auroris’ name.These priests, alongside the beings sent by Auroris, began to establish churches and a religion dedicated to this deity of light.

During the establishment of the Aurorian religion, many priests began to learn the ability to channel light magic within themselves. They rejoiced as they discovered new abilities, as they felt the blessings of light held them in a closer standing to Auroris. This new magic proved to have practical applications, as well. The priests found that they could spend spiritual energy to heal wounds, including mortal wounds that would otherwise have been lethal without this intervention.


In addition to mending physical trauma, one priest in particular found that light magic could also be used to mend the soul itself. Those among the priesthood had become so perceptive to spiritual magics that they could observe the soul itself upon witnessing a death. While most souls would leave the body and depart Stellaria, the souls of those corrupted by darkness would fall heavily to the ground and remain there. One priest dared to reach out to one of these fallen souls with a touch of healing magic and it pierced through this shell of corruption, breaking it open. As soon as the darkness was broken, a purified soul escaped the corruption and was able to depart, leaving behind a short burst of light energy that abundantly renewed the magic reserves of the priest who freed it. Having this ability to heal souls, along with the fact that doing so replenished their own spiritual energy, many priests choose to perform rituals for the departed to ensure every soul may properly depart Stellaria.

These freely shared discoveries only assisted in building an ever increasing following for the Aurorian faith.


Circa 394: With the Aurorian church now established, the beings that were sent by Auroris elected to travel the world. Meanwhile, the priests of the Aurorian faith began to take on disciples to teach them how to manifest light magic through faith. The Aurorian church located in Tiastra had a particularly large amount of disciples, several of which chose to further their training on their own by repurposing their abilities for combat and to assist the local guards in the defense of the growing city. These battle ready priests chose the term cleric for those who practiced their art of combat and healing magic.

Even to the present day, the cleric practice is still very much alive. Those who dedicate themselves to this practice are found wherever others may be in need of combat ready healers. Like those before them, many will assist city guards while a small number join guilds with the purpose of being able to help others where they can. All clerics still retain their practice of combining healing and offensive light magic. However, some eventually return to the original teachings of Auroris to focus on the importance of healing magic, while others feel that offensive magic is the best way to assist their allies in combat.



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