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When the first mortals began to stake their claim upon Stellaria, before the veil of darkness encroached upon the realm of the light, some early people saw fit to worship Alterian as the world’s creator. In reverence to Alterian, these mortals studied the natural elements of the world in their pursuit to bring themselves closer in being to Alterian. There were those who studied the enduring elements of earth and air, which were referred to as the Perennial Elements. However, the majority of the devotees focused on the ever changing elements such as fire, lightning, ice and the arcane. These elements were classified as Protean Elements. No matter the specific class of element chosen to study in their worship, devoted students began to learn how to draw magic into their being and allow themselves to control the elements. In doing so, these mortals felt Alterian’s presence as they practiced their magic. Protean elemental magic quickly became a class of magic that focused on an unending quest for greater power, much to the disapproval of those who practiced Perennial magic.

During the year 314, well after Darkness had completely engulfed Stellaria, none of the elemental casters could feel Alterian’s presence any longer, even as they practiced their magic. Over time, because of Alterian’s presence absent from them as they practiced their magic, the dedication to elemental practice waned. A shift of interest occurred in the year 345, when many Protean magic wielders were drawn to a source of immense power within an object that had fallen to Stellaria. This curious shard radiated with Alterian’s presence, which made the elemental wielders feel whole once again. Soon, many Protean wielders gathered in this area and had begun erecting a new settlement to protect the large shard that had fallen from the heavens. This settlement was designated as Tiastra which became an area of magical practice while still allowing others to reside within its borders.

Even after the return of light to Stellaris, Alterian’s absence was still felt within those who practiced elemental magic, further distancing the casters from their religion. Many Protean wielders chose to give up on their search for becoming closer to Alterian and chose to look at magic itself as a powerful force of its own merit. In the year 405, this led elemental practitioners to found the first Magic Guild which focused on the practice of magic in its many forms. As more magic practices became introduced, primarily by other Protean wielders, many elemental casters learned how to control more than one element. As Protean wielders incorporated more elements into their repertoire, they became known as elementalists and their discipline became more of an academic study rather than an act of worship.

Elementalists are now scattered all across Stellaria and most operate within Magic Guilds where they focus on the applications of magic and refined their ability to cast and direct elemental spells. Some join guilds outside of Magic Guilds to be able to explore Stellaria and expanding their knowledge not only of magic but also of the physical world. The majority still remain in Tiastra which is still the largest hub of magical knowledge due to the source of energy at the center of the city.



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