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Jul 30, 2017

Character height


Something I really like about VR is that we can be whatever we want. Something I found that VRChat does really well is your character can be different heights. I can be a 7 foot skeleton and the perspective of the world will adjust to that, or I can turn myself into Spongebob and everything looks huge to his lower perspective.


Is there any chance that Redemption's Guild will allow us to adjust our character height? I'd love to be able to have my Berserker be tall, to feel like i'm huge and my blows will hit hard, or maybe someone else will want to play as a short archer. I think it'd be a really awesome way to feel like we're our characters.

Michael Lepard
Jul 30, 2017

Interesting concept - the problem with this is if you're set to 6'5" and you're only 5'11" you wouldn't be able to reach down and touch the ground, you would be too tall. If the player height matches your real height then your real life ground is what is also in game.

Jul 30, 2017

Hm, i'm curious how VRChat achieved it since the floor was in the correct place for me. Could it be that instead of scaling the character they were achieving the same effect by scaling the world? The world itself could be scaled larger or smaller to achieve the sense of being taller/shorter. If I have a frame of reference of a wall in front of me being 1 meter tall, if that wall is suddenly lower to me, i'd feel the sense of being taller even if it was the wall itself that shrunk instead of me growing.


For example, when i'm a 7 foot warrior in VRChat (sorry for referencing this so much, it's the best example i've seen), perhaps they scale the world down appropriately and I feel like i'm 7 feet tall.

Aug 8, 2017

That is exactly what happened. Most of vr games will just let you play the game with your real body height. But for those ones you can change it?

There are some vr games out there doesn't matter your floor setting because you can grab an object from distance, And there is another kind they will rescale the world for you if you change to an unreal body height.

I haven't try VR chat, but if you say you can still touch the floor when you are using a taller character than your self, I believe they actually shrunk the whole world for you.

I mean, I personally prefer my real body height when I creating characters in most of video games, but I also say "more options and more freedom will always be better!"

So, if it is possible to have this function, then it won't be bad to have it.

Just, please have a number. I really hate to guess how tall my character is when there is just an adjustment bar with out any numbers. Because I really like to scale my self and size of the world as real as possible.

Dec 16, 2017Edited: Dec 16, 2017

I like this is a goof game feature, everybody has an opportunity to express his/her own will. that's the understanding of the democratic society! don't you think so?

New Posts
  • Agustin Gimenez
    Mar 2, 2018

    Will the game be cross play in pc and ps4?
  • Michael Lepard
    Feb 9, 2018

    Greetings adventurers! We are on the prowl for more of your amazing ideas! This time we will be looking for ideas that match the following criteria: Can be solo or multiplayer Takes advantage of VR movement/controls (Playable on both PSVR and PCVR) Simple - we don't want something that is going to take forever to build! Please be as detailed as possible in your description. Does it require more than one person? Can it be played coop with a buddy? How many people will play? Do they interact with the same stuff, or are they just in the same area with their own objects to interact with? How do you win? Does it track points after the game is over, or does it restart every time you play? Time limit? Etc... Concepts are always nice! (No need to be an artist, stick figures will do!)
  • william_phillips96
    Jan 8, 2018

    I think this is a awesome concept but exactly how do you meet new players? It would be cool if it was something lkke the rec room where there is a open room you go to and can do little activities but more than just 4 people can show up. That way if you dont happen to have friends that have a vr or even the game you could still play with a party.