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Derek Adams
Jun 8, 2017

Community - Achievements


Edited: Jun 16, 2017

Any ideas you may have for Achievements that you'd like to see feel free to post them here and we will consider them having a place in in Redemption's Guild.



- We will use any post we choose to influence Achievement ideas and will not reveal which ones we have chosen so they remain a surprise to those who created the post.

- Please avoid debating over concepts to keep the posts streamline so we can easily find your various ideas and nothing gets overlooked amidst debate posts.

- We do look over all posts so we are seeing what is posted by everyone.

Derek Adams
Jun 8, 2017Edited: Jun 8, 2017

Here are some ideas from the community on our previous forum site to get ideas flowing.

Click here to view all past posts. http://unlitgames.freeforums.org/achievements-t19.html


There should be a 3d representation of the Unlit Games logo somewhere that has full physics implemented that we can hit for an achievement. Maybe the light starts off lit, we hit it, crack the light and it goes Unlit.


Off the top of my head. There needs to be some Labyrinth reference/achievement in the game.

EDIT: There should be a place in the labyrinth, probably pretty deep so not everyone gets it, that's pitch dark and a magic missile ability. If you cast magic missile at the darkness you should get an "I cast Magic Missile at the darkness." achievement. -MasterShadow


I was thinking of one where if you and a friend complete a fight level/ kill a lot of monsters in proximity to other people (given you did most of the work), then you would get "That only counts as one".... or if it's like a ranger and berserker party (comprised of 2) then you would get it after completing a milestone in the story or labyrinth.

I just wan't a reference to Gimli and Legolas's friendship -HonestHips


Home run Hero: Get the killing blow on a boss by deflecting their projectile back at them. Is that necessary?: Consume a large health potion while already at full health. Aaarrrrarrrgh!: Flip a table at the tavern.


Dance Magic Dance: Grab and shake the body of a goblin in the Labyrinth -Mluminos



Tis but a SCRATCH!! - Suffered x amount of damage in your heroic career Seven in one stroke - Hit/defeat 7 enemies with an AoE attack He chose poorly - Find a skeleton in a treasure room with golden cups and plates on the walls Look at the bones!! - Kill/encounter a high level rabbit outside of a cave littered with bones -Fugaduk




Michael Lepard
Jun 11, 2017

Any sort of reference to the world of EverQuest or the .Hack series!

New Posts
  • Agustin Gimenez
    Mar 2, 2018

    Will the game be cross play in pc and ps4?
  • Michael Lepard
    Feb 9, 2018

    Greetings adventurers! We are on the prowl for more of your amazing ideas! This time we will be looking for ideas that match the following criteria: Can be solo or multiplayer Takes advantage of VR movement/controls (Playable on both PSVR and PCVR) Simple - we don't want something that is going to take forever to build! Please be as detailed as possible in your description. Does it require more than one person? Can it be played coop with a buddy? How many people will play? Do they interact with the same stuff, or are they just in the same area with their own objects to interact with? How do you win? Does it track points after the game is over, or does it restart every time you play? Time limit? Etc... Concepts are always nice! (No need to be an artist, stick figures will do!)
  • william_phillips96
    Jan 8, 2018

    I think this is a awesome concept but exactly how do you meet new players? It would be cool if it was something lkke the rec room where there is a open room you go to and can do little activities but more than just 4 people can show up. That way if you dont happen to have friends that have a vr or even the game you could still play with a party.