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Michael Lepard
Jun 8, 2017

Community - General Suggestions


Edited: Jun 16, 2017

Leave your suggestions here!

Derek Adams
Jun 8, 2017Edited: Jun 8, 2017

Here are some past suggestions to give everyone some ideas. To view the rest click here http://unlitgames.freeforums.org/official-suggestion-thread-t8.html



Another thought was on the Rouge being able to pick pocket. Imagine sneaking behind someone to pick their pocket. When in range, the target character could become semi-transparent and a glowing "line" or path where your hand must go could appear that your hand must follow to reach the targets coin-purse. It would be really neat if this line shifted or even disappeared dynamically based on the targets changing body position. -Fadelis


Super excited for this game! I would be purchasing it for PSVR when it launches, can't wait for the release date.

I have thought about what I want to see in this game and many of the important factors will already be used (according to the videos). One thing that I would love to see is not just customization's, but many ways to customize. Customizing how a character looks, having different skill trees/subclasses, and finding different weapons and armor are all fun aspects to customizing but can still lead to a dull experience if not done right, so I'm looking forward to seeing all of the different ways to make the game involving and not seem repetitive.

My idea for customizing to another level would combine ideas from FF6 and Diablo. I always loved how FF6 Espers worked. You would collect Espers and attach them to a character. That character would then begin learning the skills attached to that Esper for winning battles. For example, by obtaining Ifrit and attaching it to a character, they would start learning the abilities Fire, Fire 2, and Drain. Fire would be learned at 10x rate, Fire 2 5x, and Drain 1x. Each battle would earn you AP, which would go towards learning the abilities. Once it's learned, it's permanently on the character. Now I know that skills in Redemption's Guild will not be learned through a method like this, but I was thinking of using a similar method in customizing weapons.

So here's the idea: In Diablo 2 (for reference) you can find weapons that hold slots for gemstones and runes. These attachable items give you weapons extra stats such as extra damage, poison damage, extra gold for monsters, etc. This idea can be adopted into Redemption's Guild by having common weapons and armor drop with a random number of slots. Some will have 0, some 1, some up to maybe 3 max. Then have a similar item to a gemstone or rune, such as a "shard". I'll call them shards from here on out. So let's say you kill a common monster and it drops a common long sword. This specific long sword has 2 empty slots. Next monster you kill drops a shard that gives +10 health. The shard requires 500 exp to gain the stat. By attaching it to the long sword and equipping it, you will add 10 health to any other stats associated with that weapon. The stat is temporary for now since it's equipped in the sword and will start by showing 0/500 exp. Once you collect enough experience to complete the shard, it becomes a "permanent" stat in your weapon and the shard can be removed and put back into your inventory (or once it's fully leveled it will disappear from being used). It should work where you can add multiple shards at the same time or if you finish leveling up a stat on one slot and you have an extra empty slot, you can now place the same shard into that spot and now gain the same stat twice. Stats can stack, so if you're a cleric with a staff that contains 3 slots, you can use the same +10 MP shard to eventually add a permanent +30 MP stat to that specific weapon. For aesthetic purposes, the shards can make the weapon/armor glow, gleam, or maybe pulsate a color depending on the shard. You can also change out shards if you maxed out it's level but do not wish to have that stat any longer. For example, lets say a Knight adds +1 strength to his long sword with one slot and levels it up so it's a permanent stat. Then later he finds a rare shard that gives +1 strength, +5 HP and +1% chance to cause lightning damage. He can replace the "permanent" stat of his sword with the new shard. It will ask if the player wants to confirm removing the permanent stat for a temporary one. Then once he confirms, the stat will change and his exp bar will go from 500/500 to maybe 0/2000 since it's a rare shard.

Maybe even make them tradeable, so if a cleric finds a +damage or +strength shard he can trade to a Knight that found a +healing or +MP shard. This idea can also be expanded into having an NPC who can add a slot to weapons or armor for collecting certain materials to do it. For example, lets say a boss drops a unique weapon that never drops with a slot. By finding extremely rare materials, that specific weapon can attain one slot through the NPC. It costs 10,000 gold, 5 dragon scales, 3 feathers of eagle, and 1 carving stone or something like that. This could make unique/epic weapons and armor that always drop with the same stats now have a unique twist that makes each player work really hard to collect the materials. Then in the tavern players can ask other players if they have that specific materials to trade/purchase from them.

Oh I forgot to add: Shards would obviously not be overpowered. Stats could be small, even by decimals. Here's some examples:

Common Shards: Shard of Health - +5 HP Shard of Magic - +5 MP Shard of Life - +3 HP/+2 MP

Rare Shards: Shard of Greater Health - +10 HP Shard of Greater Magic - +10 MP Shard of Greater Life - +5 HP/+5 MP

Epic Shards: Shard of the Fox - +10 HP, +1 strength, +2% chance to stun enemy on melee hit (unique stat that won't stack) Shard of the Lion - +.5 strength, +.5 vitality, +5% chance to leech 5 HP from enemy on melee hit (unique stat that won't stack) Shard of the Ranger - +1 dexterity, +5 HP, +5 MP, +2% to cause fire damage to enemy with ranged hit (unique stat that won't stack)

Just an idea - I would love to see this feature into the game and I'm very excited for it's release! -coz


Space reserved for Ranger stuff. Archery abound!

Limiting Arrows I'll probably get some heat for this, but first and foremost I'd like to see rangers have limited arrows and limited arrow capacity. WHAT?! THAT'S CRAZY TALK KAY! meh, hear me out.

  • Balancing the feature - I'd suggest giving him a carving knife to cut wood from the environment and/or other materials to craft arrows. These gathering actions could be automatic or manual, perhaps manually shaping arrows correctly makes them more potent. A simple minecraft-like ingredient gui grid would allow for unique arrow manufacturing. To further offset balancing limited arrows, make the arrows more deadly, cause greater impairment, and pass through thinner materials.

  • Why this works - enhances equipment progress/diversification; the more you play, the more arrows you can hold.

Customizing Bows As above, implementing limited arrows provides the opportunity for bows themselves to shine. Consider the scenario --> 'Oh, I ran out of arrows? Luckily I just fitted my bow with a blade I won in a raid. That'll keep those orcs at bay.'

  • Balancing the feature - I'd suggest putting weight characteristics to these bow attachments. The larger the blade attachment, the more it can affect your aiming with arrows. You could obviously add other things too, like a torches, armor, or even (you guessed it) arrows.

  • Why this works - enhances equipment progress/diversification; the more you play, the better you are at fending off close enemies.

Using Arrows as Handheld Weapons and/or Tools Self explanatory.

  • Balancing the feature - using that arrow to attack/cut would dull it's point, just in case you were still thinking about launching it.

  • Why this works - enhances equipment utility.

Rangers Excel at Climbing Give Rangers the ability to make grappling hooks to climb things, they should be able to climb higher than other classes.

  • Balancing the feature - Make grapple ability limited to both your player level (strength to throw it), and the amount of resources available to make it. Use the carving knife (mentioned above) to acquire vine, each vine adds 10 ft of rope. Crafting rope manually allows for stronger/more durable rope.

  • Why this works - enhances VR immersion of the class; allows player to see unique areas and stage perspectives, adding strategic opportunities.

Rangers are Skilled Pathmakers Give Rangers the ability to build rope bridges and/or zip lines.

  • Balancing the feature - Make rope-path building ability limited to both your player level (speed in building it), and the amount of resources available to make it. Use the carving knife (mentioned above) to acquire vine, each vine adds 5 ft of rope path. Crafting rope bridges manually allows for stronger/more durable path lines. Rope bridges degrade with use or when used by heavier classes.

  • Why this works - enhances VR immersion of the class, adds teamwork attribute; allows player to aid team in accessing unique areas, adding strategic opportunities.

Rangers Excel at Wilderness Survival Give Rangers the ability to survive greater in the forest, such as allowing him to build tree forts, catapults (trebuchets!), expanded material recipes using plants/rocks (e.g. vine bandages), and greater dodge chance % when hiding between multiple trees.

  • Balancing the feature - Structure-building ability would be limited to both your player level (knowledge to make), and the amount of resources available to make them. Carving knife would be important for these actions. Have dodge chance % between trees increase with player level.

  • Why this works - enhances VR immersion of the class; adds value to team strategies. -Kayuza


Is there going to be a belt on your character in which you can sheath your sword, or pull potions off of or is this mechanic too involved to be able to implement. I know in the batman Arkham vr game there is a utility belt system that works fairly well and feel a similar mechanic can be implement here to make it more immersive. -Lionsgate


**Here are some ideas, just because they have been reposted by me doesn't mean we took these ideas in their entirety. We do look over the suggestions and they have definitely influenced the creation of the game. Keep the ideas coming so we can better deliver a game everyone will enjoy.**

Gerald Singh
Jun 13, 2017

One thing I have always liked out of games is not only class specific skills, but also class changes as you level. So starting out as a knight then progressing into the choice of a Gladiator(dps based) or a Paladin(tank based). Or from an elementalist into a sorcerer thats all damage based or a necromancer that has summons and does dots and debilitating skills.

Michael Lepard
Jun 13, 2017

@Gerald Singh - We already have subclasses planned.


If you're playing a knight at level 15 you can choose to become a bulwark or a soldier.


Every class will have different subclasses to go down at level 15.

Jun 13, 2017

Will there be a system for professions/crafting? I can see this being a pro/con topic but imo I really feel that they enhance gameplay and immersion. Even in the games where the professions don't have much impact due to their items not being particularly great compared to the other items, it gives a sense of progression and accomplishment when you craft bigger and better items. It would be pretty fun just hanging out in the adventure modes farming materials with motion controls, mining, herbalism, or getting wood from trees. Also will there be an Auction House/trading system; once again I realize it is a pro/con system as people can just buy or trade for some of the best gear, but if done right it helps keep the game alive by giving the player a way to profit from their adventures.

Data Soul
Jun 15, 2017


TL:DR at bottom


A mechanic that can be cheesy in regular video games, but I feel has cool potential in vr is Quick Time events. I feel like this could give players moments that make them feel and look like a bad ass in a way that you can't IRL. I'm not a programmer (yet!), so I don't know what is actually feasible, but I'm sure you guys could improve on my idea.



  • Parry - every now and again the enemy attack animation would slow down before it collided with you and a transparent quick time sphere would appear. If you time your swing to hit it before it disappears this could parry the attack. The enemy would be exposed briefly, which could open different strategies in combat. If you are a Knight/Berserker this would give you a second to get in additional hits. You could even give hits made in that time a chance to land crits or something. If you're a Rouge/Ranger you sometimes need a chance to retreat if you pull too much agro. If you take advantage of the parry mechanic, it could give a second for the tank to come in for an attack to pull agro or just give you a chance to create some distance between you and a bad guy. Knights and bererkers could use their main weapons to use parry, but Rangers cannot. Instead of using their bow, they could use a hunting knife or something. Also, if you parry a larger enemy's attack, they might just expose their chest and stagger, but if you parry small enemies it could send them flying back if it is timed right. this could help clear hoards when getting over-whelmed.


  • Raise - If you're a Cleric, you could have an emergency "raise" type spell that if you cast it within 3 seconds of a death, the person comes back to life with a quarter of their health. To activate, when a person dies, their avatar could disappear, but their crystal could spin for 3 seconds and if the cleric hits the crystal with a heal blast before it shatters, that person would come back to life.

  • Quick Guard - similar to parry, but for clerics. Before some hits, they have a chance to put up a force field of magic around themselves or their teammates. you can also improve it as you get stronger. At low levels it only reduces damage by 25-50% depending on how good their timing was or 50-100% at higher levels.

  • Statuses - Elementalists wouldn't have any type of quick time event skill that blocks and parries attacks like the others, but they could have spells that create statuses when they take advantage of the opening. Imagine if a knight parried an attack, creating a two second opening. then the elementalists hits the monster with an ice attack. but because they hit the opening, their attack has the chance to freeze the monster in place. you could have corresponding statuses to each element or even spells that can only be activated if they are landed on an open spot.


  • the quick time mechanic could add a lot to traps. imagine a trip wire dropping a swinging log. if you are a lower level, you have to duck to miss it, but if you are a melee class and a high enough level, a quick time sphere will appear when the log gets close enough. You can destroy the log if you hit the sphere at the right time.

For most of these QTE's, they shouldn't be available right away. that way you could struggle through a section/dungeon at lower levels, but when you come back at a higher level you can play it differently with these new mechanics you unlocked.


All in all, i feel like a balanced amount of quick time events can make combat more action packed and strategic. it gives players more immersion and promotes working with your teammates. it could even open up options for combo bonuses and special attacks. also, i believe if done right, it could help with flailing/spamming. The examples i gave were just bare bones ideas. i can definitely expand on them more and i have a tone of ideas on other skills and mechanics that could use quick time events, let me know if you'd like me to expand on anything.


TL:DR- add quick time events that could allow players to block/parry attacks, cast new spells and keep the on their toes while in battle or exploring the environment.

Derek Adams
Jun 16, 2017



We are currently discussing some ideas for possible professions, one we know for sure will be dedicated to a system we have yet to announce (#shovelmorecoalintothehypetrain). However at the moment we are focusing on bringing a well finished game to you all before we attempt to implement any new systems into the game.

Jun 16, 2017

That's great to hear, and yeah dont over exert yourselves. What y'all have already shown is a great looking game, worry about improvements after you've seen your vision come to fruition first.

Jan 6, 2018

I can't help but feel that the enemies feel out of place, you're roaming a beautiful low-poly enviroment, but the enemies have smooth textures, maybe you could have low-poly enemies so you can keep the same feeling as the environment.


And as someone who suffers motion sickness, you could also add a teleportation movement function as an option for transportation, as well as quick turning.


I love the way the project is turning out and I can't wait to play, keep it up guys!

Michael Lepard
Jan 6, 2018



The enemies were redone awhile back, and now fit the same art style as the environment. As for the motion sickness you should check out our News post Traversing Stellaria.



Jan 7, 2018

Awesome guys, you've fully won me over and now i can't wait to dip my toes into this.

Gerald Singh
Feb 25, 2018

I'm curious to see what the player character models are going to be like . Are they going to be complete, and full player models with arms and legs or are they going to be that of an unfinished aspect with only a torso, head, and floating hands?

Michael Lepard
Feb 25, 2018

They are not fully connected player models. We went down the path of torso, head, and hands.


The reasoning behind this is due to a few different aspects: at the time 2016 we hadn't seen many (or any) full body rigs that weren't glitchy when the hands were moved up, down, behind back, etc (a lot of games still have this problem). We only had 1 programmer on the team for the longest time and getting fully bodied characters seemed like something that wasn't as important as getting a solid game together with some fun AI to kill. Over the last year or so we have built lore around the players and why they look the way they are, this gives the disembodiedment of the players meaning.



New Posts
  • Agustin Gimenez
    Mar 2, 2018

    Will the game be cross play in pc and ps4?
  • Michael Lepard
    Feb 9, 2018

    Greetings adventurers! We are on the prowl for more of your amazing ideas! This time we will be looking for ideas that match the following criteria: Can be solo or multiplayer Takes advantage of VR movement/controls (Playable on both PSVR and PCVR) Simple - we don't want something that is going to take forever to build! Please be as detailed as possible in your description. Does it require more than one person? Can it be played coop with a buddy? How many people will play? Do they interact with the same stuff, or are they just in the same area with their own objects to interact with? How do you win? Does it track points after the game is over, or does it restart every time you play? Time limit? Etc... Concepts are always nice! (No need to be an artist, stick figures will do!)
  • william_phillips96
    Jan 8, 2018

    I think this is a awesome concept but exactly how do you meet new players? It would be cool if it was something lkke the rec room where there is a open room you go to and can do little activities but more than just 4 people can show up. That way if you dont happen to have friends that have a vr or even the game you could still play with a party.