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Michael Lepard
Jun 16, 2017

Community - Self Health


Edited: Jun 16, 2017

Hello everyone!


From here on out every topic or question we need your help with will be titled "Community" - so if you want to share yours thoughts and opinions be share to watch for these!


We need your suggestions on self health and how it should be showcased.


Right now player and enemy health is showcased by a crystal above the head of the model. We are discussing some really interesting ideas for the crystals but we are still unsure of how to showcase each players own health.


Please leave your suggestions here and feel free to give detailed explanations of how it should work and why this would be best. Thank you!


P.S. We use lighting on the weapon to showcase your fatigue, we also have spells effects that appear around the weapon already.



Jun 16, 2017

So there would be multiple ways. A good way I saw was with Farpoint where they use a wristband that has your health bar you have to look at. Another similar way would be a bar of some sort on your weapon.

Jun 16, 2017

Hmm, I don't think health being on the wrist would be the best option just because in a high action situation have to look away from the enemy to see your health would not be the best situation. I do think that having a bar or bars somewhere on the weapon however could work as they are always in your field of view. I would say that possibly having an aura on the weapon might work out. It could work where when you are not being injured the weapon is neutral but when u take dmg the aura becomes visable for a sec or two as green-red depending on the health you are at, this would prevent you from constantly having a weapon glowing a certain color all the time but still give you an indication of your health when it matters. Also if you would like to know your health status when not being damaged you can press a certain button or hold your weapon in a specific position that would cause the aura to manifest. This way if there were a system implemented for say enchanting weapons that would give them an aura or even a rare weapon that has a certain glow, the health aura would not interfere, as when the health aura is turn on by an attack or yourself, it could replace the native glow of the weapon just for the sec that it is being revealed then go back to normal. Sorry for the long response.

Michael Lepard
Jun 16, 2017

Added a extra note above, to help let you all know what is already being used

Unrivalled Super Hottie
Jun 16, 2017

Well I think we could have a combination of these ideas, Usually in combat (if you are a healer) you will not bother about numbers but heal the one that is lowest, in which case I prefer the crystal thingie. For players to know their exact health, we could still use the wristwatch or weapon health bar thingie.

NewAge Soldier
Jun 16, 2017

You could always do what they do on Rec Room. That is, when you look at your wrist it brings up all of your information like stamina, health, mana, etc.

Jun 17, 2017Edited: Jun 17, 2017

hmm..."self health", huh...


how about having a small indicator at [our facing] screen?


Data Soul
Jun 22, 2017

It could really be as simple as making the edges of our vision more and more red. Kinda like they have in COD.


Different idea. What if we had a corresponding gem as a necklace or on our weapon that matched the color of our crystal in real time.

Jan 8, 2018

I don't think it would be too bad to just have the typical health bar at the top of the screen. And like tiny health bars to the top left corner for your party like in ESO. If you don't want to put bars on the screen then I think the bloodied Redding screen like COD has would be a great idea

Jan 8, 2018

But I do think it would be a amazing idea to put a menu like in rec room somewhere that way you can have a ton of things on the menu without limiting yourself to buttons on a controller. Something like most RPG games where you can customize your character from a menu

New Posts
  • Agustin Gimenez
    Mar 2, 2018

    Will the game be cross play in pc and ps4?
  • Michael Lepard
    Feb 9, 2018

    Greetings adventurers! We are on the prowl for more of your amazing ideas! This time we will be looking for ideas that match the following criteria: Can be solo or multiplayer Takes advantage of VR movement/controls (Playable on both PSVR and PCVR) Simple - we don't want something that is going to take forever to build! Please be as detailed as possible in your description. Does it require more than one person? Can it be played coop with a buddy? How many people will play? Do they interact with the same stuff, or are they just in the same area with their own objects to interact with? How do you win? Does it track points after the game is over, or does it restart every time you play? Time limit? Etc... Concepts are always nice! (No need to be an artist, stick figures will do!)
  • william_phillips96
    Jan 8, 2018

    I think this is a awesome concept but exactly how do you meet new players? It would be cool if it was something lkke the rec room where there is a open room you go to and can do little activities but more than just 4 people can show up. That way if you dont happen to have friends that have a vr or even the game you could still play with a party.