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Michael Lepard
Jun 8, 2017

What game are you playing right now?


What games are you all currently playing? Can be VR or 2D.

Michael Lepard
Jun 8, 2017

I am currently playing Rocket League.

Derek Adams
Jun 8, 2017

Currently Fallout 4, felt in the mood to make another character with the concept of being an engineer for the military. So he will specialize in power armor and weaponry lol

Michael Lepard
Jun 8, 2017

@Derek Adams


I didn't like the Fallout series much - but 4 does look good. Decided to wait for it to launch on the vive before I jump in.

Jun 11, 2017

I just started Karnage Chronicles

Michael Lepard
Jun 11, 2017


Jul 14, 2017Edited: Oct 27, 2017

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New Posts
  • kaisago lorance
    Jun 10, 2018

    Hi, I am trying to download a few movies to my laptop as the hotel internet is a bit slow. However, when I try to download, the movie will stop downloading and give an option to retry. Why do they keep stopping their download? I was going to leave my laptop on and have them download while I was away today, but that doesn't seem to be an option with this issue happening. Does anyone know what I can do to keep the downloads going? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- https://forum.vudu.com/forum/technical-help/general-help/42131-vudu-to-go-download-problem Creative video production quote Thanks!
  • Michael Lepard
    Jun 19, 2018

    We finally had our baby! Little baby rain was 7.15 lbs. and 20 inches long! Big girl!
  • Michael Lepard
    Jun 15, 2017

    What game are you most excited to play? Why? I would have to say Skull and Bones - on PC. The graphics and gameplay look super fun and I want to play some adventures with my wife.