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Circa 345: A settlement by the name of Tiastra was founded within the central mountains on the continent of Istiriel. During these days, Lunos’ darkness still held dominion over all creation, however Auroris’ light had begun to advance. With so little light available, local militias had difficulty dealing with imminent threats. Hidden under the shroud of night, these enemies were attracted to an object of immense power that the settlement was situated around.


A man by the name of Knil Voght, however, had reveled in the art of combat and was known for his impeccable sense of chivalry and duty to protecting the residents of Tiastra. Wielding both sword and shield, and clad in plate armor, he began to advance his own method of close quarters combat, developing unique offensive attacks coupled with a focus on defense. The way Voght would intimidate and provoke his enemies to focus their attacks on himself would provide his allies much needed opportunities to strike, earning him the battlefield reputation of “The Aggressor”.


Circa 347: Knil Voght became very skilled in his fighting method and was bestowed the title of knight by the head of authority of Tiastra. Voght petitioned that he be allowed to train many of the other militia fighters in an attempt to have a more competent defense of Tiastra and its residents. The authority of Tiastra granted Knil Voght his request and appointed him as the first guard captain of Tiastra. The platoon that Knil chose to train eventually became full fledged knights in their own respect, some of which left Tiastra to assist other settlements with the fortification of their own local defense.

To this day, the majority of knights still follow the original teachings of Knil Voght, passed down through the ages. Some may focus more on their offensive capabilities, while others prefer to bolster their defenses to better withstand drawn out battles. Many of these knights remain in the various cities, assisting with the defense of the local residents. Some knights choose to align themselves with a guild to assist travelers or complete tasks that may be too formidable for city guards to handle.



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