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Ambassador Demo 1.1 Update Notes

Greetings adventurers!

For those of you who don't know we recently released the Ambassador Demo 1.0 and received an awesome amount of both positive and negative feedback. We then went back to the drawing board on some ideas and came out swinging.

Ambassador Demo 1.1 should be releasing in early May 2020.

Update notes for Ambassador Demo 1.1:


  • Added Areda Dunes as a playable scene.

  • Fixed issues in Areda Dunes where enemies would walk some environment objects.

  • Fixed issues where some rocks in Areda Dunes were floating above ground.

  • Fixed traveling merchant item and UI placement.

  • Between rounds in Areda Arena you will be given a break to collect loot. Once loot is collected the new round will start.

  • Fixed various window collision issues in Tilnu tavern, to help prevent players from falling into oblivion.

  • Fixed teleporting out of Areda Arena while using teleport locomotion type.

  • Opened up the fireplace in Tilnu Tavern to allow for items to be tossed in.

  • More items in tavern are now able to be grabbed and have tweaked properties to avoid item being ripped from your hand it it touches any other item in scene.

  • Fixed ambient bugs around Areda Dunes.

  • Areda Arena will now reward you with a chest every 5 round (each round is 3 waves). Bosses still have a chance to drop loot every round.

  • Overhauled the visuals on Areda Arena UI.

  • New map art in Tilnu Tavern, both on scene change altar and on art around tavern.

  • Added a temporary wheel to the wardrobe spinner. (Note: We will be redoing the visuals of the wardrobe system closer to launch).

  • The gift altar now says you've received a gift only if you have received one.

  • Fixed issue where Areda Arena would continue spawning enemies even after last round was reached.

  • Areda Arena now will spawn a variety of enemy types in a round.

  • Areda Arena is now 50 rounds instead of 5.


  • [Feature] Parry System: You can now parry melee enemies weapons. You're weapon must be moving and must collide with the enemy weapon prior to it hitting you. All succssful parries will use a portion of your fatigue and the amount of fatigue used varies depending on class.

After multiple parries are successful there is a chance the enemy may go into his Anti-Parry tactic, you'll know if he has activated this tactic by a glowing red hue on their weapon. Once this tactic is active you will not be able to parry any melee attack.

  • Added new abilities to both Orc Mages and Skeletons.

  • Fixes various enemy ability visual issues.

  • Added new enemy and boss models into Areda Arena and Areda Dunes.

  • Revamped the hitFX for all melee weapons. We also removed the blood from these hitFX and took out the "Disable Blood HitFX" button from the settings page.

  • Fixed knight incite sound and damage bug. Should only hear one trigger affect per enemy and shouldn't do any damage now.

  • Enemy ranged attacks will now hit knight shield and mitigate partial damage. (NOTE: there is a issue with the hitFX showing incorrectly after hitting shield).

  • Fixed various animation issues for enemies: feet sliding, orcs not facing players when firing certain abilities, and more!

  • Slowed down the Orc Fire Mage fireball projectile speed.

  • Tweaked hit animation chance on enemies to increase how often they play them while being hit.

  • Fixed player low health reverb audio issue where it lingered even after resurrecting.

  • Shield bash no longer says it stuns, as it is not a stun ability.

  • Fixed issue where enemies who died while burning kept the burn VFX on them but it wasn't attached to their body.

  • Tweaked enemy stats.

  • The speed at which an elementalist tome ability would fly from tome to the wand has been increased.

  • Scaled down knight damage.

  • Potion refill drops now check for nearby players quicker and both potion refill and cleric spirit drops now have soundFX when collected.

  • Fixed bug where players had hitFX and abilities still lingering on them after death and ressurection.

  • Fixed knight incite range.

  • Melee skeletons now face the player correctly when attacking.

  • Enemies who are hit by a taunt are forced back into close range combat, despite any tactic they were going to or were using.

  • Enemies now have new tactics: flanking, forced range attack, and rushing.

  • Fixed a bug where elementalists could still throw tome abilities when dead.


  • [Feature] Tutorials: We have added a new tutorial page to the Notebook. The tutorial page can be found under the "Log" page.

  • Revamped the hitFX for all melee weapons. We also removed the blood from these hitFX and took out the "Disable Blood HitFX" button from the settings page.

  • Added page turn sounds.

  • Fixed UI issues when choosing how many of an item in a stack you wanted to sell.

  • Implemented new animations for notebook page turning as previous ones caused graphical clipping issues.

  • Removed equipment page from notebook tabs and added it to the log page, it's now called "Gear Progression".

  • Made tab buttons easier to click.

  • Mana is now called Spirit (only show when playing Cleric)


  • Optimized various scripts to help performance, especially when playing in Areda Dunes.


  • Fixed an issue (that we struggled on for years) with hands disappearing when holstering.

  • Class altar orbs can now be thrown. From down town! swish

  • Implemented changes to chests and enemy materials which fixed lighting issues.

  • Replaced Scorched Whisker collectible item icon.

  • Added new collectible UI to items you can grab around scenes.

  • Fixed various colored armor material issues, should spawn into game with correct colored armor and elementalist holstered tome should have correct material now.

  • Merchants now show correct armor color materials.

  • Changed various item descriptions.

  • Adjusted knight holster slot placement.

  • Enemy spawnFX audio has been lowered.

  • Rogue crystal armor now has correct sound and hitFX.

  • Fixed issue where players were able to duplicate shards and increase their stats an ungodly amount.

  • New loading screen image.

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