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April '22 Development Update

Why hello there beautiful people!

We're excited to be back with another monthly dev update for our VR Online RPG - Redemption's Guild. Let's jump in!


April - End of Month Update:

Multiplayer: All engineering hands are on deck to get our multiplayer systems fully functional. We're happy to announce that some of the heftier parts of the system are working; e.g. players can join each others rooms, combat, etc. We still a good handful of work to do but we're hoping to iron out most of the remaining multiplayer issues over the coming weeks.

Arena Spectators: This month we also focused on setting up the arena spectator feature.

What is an arena spectator? They are what your friends (or perhaps you) turn into when attempting to join your team in a ongoing arena match. What that means is, if a team member has already started a match, and you're still in the Tilnu Tavern (hub), you'll still be able to load into the arena but you'll be unable to assist in combat. Once the current round is completed, you'll automagically transform back to your original player model and can ensue some enemy ass kicking!

We also worked on:

  • Polishing the Class Skills page UI.

  • Creating quests in Areda Dunes and Vohril's Stand.

  • Performance optimization for various systems.

And much more!

Journal Page - Class Skills

(This page is where you'll purchase skills and assign them to your loadout.)


Feature Discussion: Questing

Hey adventurer, have a moment?

Yes, we all know what that means, some hopelessly foolish quest giver has a quest for you. Who knows, maybe all they want you to do is go talk to 20 NPCs, then you can turn in your quest for 5 shillings... woooooo...

In Redemption's Guild, you'll find that no two quests are alike. Now, they may fall under a similar type of quest, e.g. kill, collect, escort, defend, etc. but certain parts of the quests are procedurally generated (AKA random). We've also implemented this randomness to the loot drops. Who knows, maybe you'll only make 50 gold, or perhaps they will drop a unique piece of gear you've been needing to finish that red painted set of Emerythian knight armor.

Did you know?

In Redemption's Guild you can play with up to 4 friends!


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