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August '22 Development Update

Hello everybody!

Let's all gather around and listen to an exciting(?) story about our upcoming game, Redemption's Guild.



First, I want to thank all of our amazing content creators and backers who had a chance to play the beta earlier this month. It's by your excitement, support, and keen eye for bugs that keep us on the top of our game (ba dum tss) and eager to see what the future holds.

So what's next?

Beta #2 of course! Though we don't have exact dates to share, we are planning to launch the next beta in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!


What have we been working on?

Shortly after beta we spent some time attempting to recreate the bugs identified from the community. We were able to identify several bugs, many of which are now squashed. We also started our deep dive back into multiplayer.

Misc. Fixes Since Beta #3:

  • Fixed an issue where collectibles could be obtained while dead. (No - it wasn't a feature...)

  • Decreased rogue's fatigue recharge rate.

  • Fixed an issue where quests would not specify the location/objective of the quest in the description.

  • Fixed an issue where Torvis' healing ability would crash the game.

  • Updated portal VFX.


Did you know? The Cleric's wisp not only lights up dark location, making it easier to navigate the labyrinth and avoid traps, but it also provides a small ongoing heal for all nearby allies. During combat, be sure to throw your wisp to the location that provides the most support to your team.


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