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December '21 Development Update

Riding off the coattails of the last two holiday updates in October and November is the end of year holidays update! By far my (Michael) favorite time of year... though I wish we would get more snow around Raleigh, North Carolina. I digress, we're not here to listen to me spread holiday cheer or bitch about the lack of snow, we're here to talk about Redemption's Guild!

This gif showcases the icons you may find on loot bags, inventory items, and merchants. The color indicates what color the gear is and the icon within the circle shows which class can use it.


December - End of Month Update:

Multiplayer: A long time ago in a development studio not far from here, we had multiplayer working nearly perfect. Then, the features came. All the new systems and features that we added/upgraded pulled the multiplayer down from the inside out. Players didn't spawn for others, stats stopped working properly when joining other players rooms, enemies sung showtunes to serenade players and lull them to sleep... okay that last one was a lie but we'd love to see it.

We're now deep into multiplayer and likely will be for a while. It's a big system and requires a lot of rework to get things working properly again. We'll keep you all updated throughout the development and you'll be the first people (outside of us of course) to know where we're at with development.

Questing: We've been working on squashing bugs and adding a few new features that we found were missing once we began testing. Since the questing system is 100% procedurally generated (meaning it's random) there is a lot to build out and we'll likely be working through questing for the next several months. We'll keep you all updated along the journey!


Feature Discussion: Game mode - Arena

Redemption's Guild will be launching with one arena scene, the Areda Arena. Players will have to survive several (and we mean several) rounds of enemies who are looking to secure their stronghold in the area. Once certain rounds are completed, players will be rewarded with prizes for their hard earned work. To shake things up a bit, the types of enemies that spawn and the rewards granted, are random. This will allow players to play the Arena an endless amount of times without ever having the same experience twice.

Did you know?

There are 3 factors that affect your stats.

  1. Class

  2. Level

  3. Equipped Astral Shard

To read more about astral shard, check out our November Development Update.


From the Unlit Games development team to you and your family - Happy Holidays! We'll chat with you all next year.

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