Dev Update | August 2021


We're back with another dev update! Let's get down to business.

What have we been working on?

  • Fixed multiple passive system bugs.

  • Account rank exp bar has been added to the notebook.

  • The server integration is nearing completion, we're currently testing and squashing any bugs that appear. *whack!*

  • We've increased the size of the class holster slots to make holstering easier.

  • Fixed an issue on the gear collection page where unobtainable items weren't showing as gray icons.

  • Fixed the labyrinth timer from hopping across time - whee!

  • The labyrinth timer will now start once the begin button has been pressed on the labyrinth UI.

  • The ability menu on the controllers and the ability page in the notebook have both been reworked.

  • The ability description on the controllers will now update for Clerics when they put their staff above their head to cast an AoE version of their single target skills. (These are called Duo abilities and are