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Dev Update | July 2021


We are back with another dev update for Redemption's Guild.

With an amazing team kicking developments ass over the last month we've managed to knock out more tasks then we thought possible... Let's dive in.

What have we been working on?

  • New video is dropping soon!

  • Enemies can no longer see through walls in the labyrinth.

  • Fixed enemies stealth.

  • Knights class mechanic now shows on their shield in the correct location.

  • Vohril's Stand scene has been setup with all the needed bits and bobs.

  • Removed the function that allowed abilities to be cast from clicking in the touchpad/analog.

  • Added the ability to cancel a currently selected skill - click in the touchpad/analog.

  • Rangers arrows stick into objects!

  • Enemies dodge arrows.

  • Arrow damage is now properly calculated.

  • Piercing shot ability setup - this ability allows you to pierce multiple enemies.

  • When playing as a Cleric and putting your staff in the AoE box (which transfers certain single target cast abilities into AoEs) a small visual effect will play on the staff to show the skill will be cast as an AoE.

  • Fixed an issue where the teleportation component was added to objects twice.

  • Resolved issues with the death overlay not showing on players when they die.

  • Completed a hefty amount of questing changes and tests. Nearly ready to start building out quests!

  • Added a disable radar icon in the settings page so players can choose to show or not show quest icons on their radar.

  • Radar shows where quest objectives are located.

  • Adjustments to loading screen.

  • Berserker skull (class ability) is now functioning properly.

  • Added a visual effect to the Berserker skull when it's ready to activate Berserk Mode.

  • New goblin voice over.

  • Fixed healing alter issues in Vohril's Stand.

  • Updated the music manager.

  • Adjusted player equipment lighting.

  • Fixed LoD issues on player equipment.

  • Fixed issue with wardrobe items stretching.

  • Updated enemy warning and ongoing damage ability projectors (warning and damage indicators on ground).

  • Fixed item throwing rotation issues.

  • Fixed mistypes in the tutorials.

  • Plus, a lot more...

We can't wait to share more with you next month!

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