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Dev Update | March 2021

What have we been working on?

  • Fixed multiple lighting issues across all scenes.

  • Questing: We're currently working on various questing components, such as: escort npcs spawning, npc animations, spawning enemies to attack the escorted npc, and more!

  • Cleaned up multiple issues found on different VR controllers, performed rigorous testing on all currently implemented features in game,

  • Quit button is now working in journal.

  • Optimized multiple scenes to achieve a higher FPS.

  • Cleaned up the journal UI.

  • Journal will now ignore lighting in to help with visibility in dark areas and scenes, like the Tilnu Labyrinth.

  • Fixed issue with default gear not showing when creating account.

  • Fixed VR tunneling and damage effect not showing properly in players headset.

  • Fixed issue with health crystal showing on crystal rogue daggers, even when the player has full health.

  • Fixed elementalist spell throwing.

  • Fixed issues with multiple player skills not working properly.

  • Fixed an issue with player fatigue not working properly.

  • Fixed issue with enemies have major animation issues while in combat or transitioning into combat state.

  • Spell fizzle now works properly when elementalist tome ability casting isn't properly used.

  • Adjusted enemy FoV when looking for players.

  • And more! Really, a LOT more...

Thank you all for your support and we look forward to revealing more details on development next month.

If you haven't make sure to wishlist on steam!

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