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Dev Update | September 2021


We're coming in hot with another dev update!

What have we been working on?

  • Merchants now properly display ranger's bows.

  • We've continued testing on our new database and verifying things are working properly in-game.

  • Started working on a new notebook page for Titles.

  • Finished designing the new tutorial we will implementing soon.

  • The arena's best wave and labyrinth's best times are now properly shown at the map altar in the tavern.

  • We've created brand new icons for various player abilities and also updated the skills page of the notebook with new page background images. Ahhh... shiny!

  • The map altar in the tavern now has fancy new icons for each game mode.

  • Continues working on questing, we're at the testing phase now and once things are tested and working properly we will begin building quests.

  • Updated the NPC Drapel Smada's design.

  • Created a variety of new player abilities.

  • Continued work on the teleport locomotion option.

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