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End of Year '22 Development Update

Seasons greetings! We hope you enjoyed Christmas and all the fun that the end of the year holidays bring.

We're back with another dev update, this one to close out the end of the year.


New YouTube video:


What have we been working on?

Since our last dev update, we've pushed a couple of fairly big updates that included some quality of life improvements and new features. Let's dive in!

Patch 0.906:

  • (Multiplayer) Combat music will now play for the proper length while playing in a party.

  • (Elementalist) Tome spell slinging will now work properly while in a party.

  • (Elementalist) Fixed an issue where the left hand class ability UI would show while playing an elementalist. Elementalists should not have a class ability UI.

  • (Cleric) Wisp will no longer disappear if you change scene while the wisp is not in your possession.

  • (Abilities General) Fixed an issue where default spells could no longer be cast if you selected an ability while it was on cooldown.

  • (Notebook - Questing Page) Quests will now say "Completed" if they have been turned in.

  • (Auroris Altar) Auroris Altars will now replenish the players potion once approached and the potion is not 100% filled. (Tip: If your potion is almost full, it's recommended to save the Auroris Altar potion refill until it's nearly empty. Just don't forget to go back to activate the altar!)

  • (Questing) Fixed an issue where the quest failure audio would player when loading into the tavern.

  • (Potion) The potion can no longer be corked/uncorcked with the grip button.

  • (Notebook - Network Page) The network (multiplayer) page now shows a message when leaving or joining a room.

  • (Wardrobe) Fixed an issue where equipment material would look incorrect when changing back to default gear.

  • (Arena) The play button will now disappear when the arena is active.

  • (Arena) The arena round count and time resets will now reset once the arena is inactive.

  • (Labyrinth) Torvis has now upgraded his weapon to a hammer!

  • (Labyrinth) Added some more props to Torvis' room.

  • (Knight) Adjusted the default knight chest piece slightly, as it was previously too big.

  • (Oculus Rift) Fixed an issue where controllers would constantly vibrate.

  • (Loot) Slightly increased loot drop chance.

Patch 0.907:

  • New feature: Server regions!

  • You can now choose which multiplayer server region you want to use. Server regions can be selected while creating a character or in the settings page.

  • New Feature: Stand your ground

  • Knights and Berserkers can now stand their ground in combat.

  • How this works:

  • If you're playing a knight or berserker, simply stand still to take a defensive stance and gain a defense buff which mitigates a portion of the magic or physical damage received. There will be a decrease to the players damage output, once they enter this state. Additionally, the knights defensive stance will provide an AoE buff to nearby players, decreases the damage the take from enemies. Party members will not receive the damage output decrease.

  • New abilities:

  • Knights - Incite \ Berserker - Intimidate: Taunt abilities.

  • (Spells) Increased projectile collision size.

  • (Tutorial) Entirely revamped tutorial. Now with fancy videos!

  • (Cleric / Wardrobe) Fixed an issue with the wardrobe mirror breaking while playing as a Cleric.

  • (Cleric) Increased the drop rate of spirit refills.

  • (Potion) Increased the drop rate of health potion refills.

  • (Potion) The potion will no longer break when changing scenes while the potion is in hand.

  • (Skill Page) Ability cast and cooldown times are now showing properly.

  • (Notebook) While in the arena, the notebook will no longer show the labyrinth timer.

  • (Notebook) Buttons have been added to multiple notebook pages. Once selected, the notebook will flip to the related tutorial page, providing more information.

  • (Enemies) Shortened melee enemy combat distance.

  • (Enemies) Increased enemy damage slightly.

  • (All scenes) If you unfortunately find yourself falling through a scene, you will now respawn.

  • (Elementalist) Frosted ground is now named properly on the ability menu.

  • (Account and class level up) Tweaked the visuals to be seen easier.

  • (Rogue) Fixed an issue where some daggers couldn't be unsheathed.

Patch 0.908:

  • (Enemies) Melee enemies will now attack properly.

  • (Arena) Enemies will no longer get stuck on the center platform.

  • (Tutorial) Made edits to the tank buff and bestowment altar tutorial text.

  • (Stand your ground) Tanks will no longer receive a damage reduction while stand your ground is active.

  • (Berserker) Decreased Berserker's damage output slightly.

  • (Merchants) Traveling merchants now have voices!

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts. We're continuously making improvements based off your feedback!


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