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Feature - Account Rank

During the creation of Redemption's Guild we constantly were faced with the question of how we could make a Virtual Reality game that felt rewarding even after the players had spent 100s of hours within our game. Besides building a dynamic world that kept players busy we needed some sort of progression that kept players enticed. After many conversations between the team and testers the account rank feature came into fruition. 


How does the account rank feature work?


During your time in Redemption's Guild you will come across experience points (exp) while slaying monsters, completing quests, game modes, etc. Not only does this exp go towards your current equipped class level but also your account rank. Account ranks do not have a hard cap, this means that you can constantly advance your character, even after maxing all your class levels out. Though once a certain account rank is reached a soft cap (increased exp gap between levels) will be applied.


Every 10 account ranks your rank symbol will visually change in some way whether it be color, trim, or the entire shape. Some example images can be seen below.

Not only can you and your teams account ranks be viewed through the notebook, but they can also be seen on each players nameplate. This allows everyone to judge you for playing too much while you rub your high rank into their scrub faces!


Until next time!

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