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Feature: Notebook Overview

Greetings adventurers!

We are excited to showcase one of our newest features, the Notebook!

Throughout your journey in Redemption's Guild you will find yourself needing to access all sorts of information, whether you're interested in finding out what sort of equipment you have unlocked, what stats your current group members have, or checking to see how much experience is needed to level up, the Notebook does it all.


Across the top of your notebook you will find a variety of tabs that help you access different menus. Just reach out with your hand and touch the tab corresponding to the page you want to visit. As you will see from the image below, the active tab will stick out slightly more from the other to provide a visual queue of which page is open.

Sometimes when you are visiting a page you will notice there are extra tabs on the side/bottom to help you maneuver/sort through the content more easily.

Utility Spine

You will find the Utility Spine in the center of the Notebook between both pages. We plan on using this space for a variety of different tools. The Utility Spine will be consistent through all pages.

We will talk about one utility here, the Lock feature. While you have your Notebook out the book will rotate in place with your HMD. The Lock feature is the first icon on the Utility Spine and once activated will lock the Notebooks rotation, this is useful if you want to get a closer view of the book and don't want it turning at all.

Zone & Level Panel

On the bottom of the book you will find the Zone & Level Panel. This panel will showcase what level you are currently in as well as the unique zone (area) within that level. (The photo below is only showcasing the level name)

Besides the persistent features shown above we are only going to focus on one specific page in this post, Player (Main). We will go through the other pages in future posts. Now let's dive in!

Player (Main) Page

Upon opening your Notebook you will be greeted with the Player page.

We tried to keep a simple design while still maintaining all the information needed to learn about your character. Besides the easy to read layout we also tried to give each page a common flow that everyone is familiar with, reading from top left to bottom right.

In the top left of the page you will notice your Character Name, Account Rank, and Account Icon.

Below that is your current Stats, these of course change based off of your current class and any sort of enhancements you have on you.

The next section is Classes. Here you will find your current Experience and Level for each class. The experience bar grows as you gain experience, this provides a visual overview of how far away from the next level you are without needing to waste time looking at numbers.

Underneath the Class section you will find the RPG button. Though this button doesn't have much functionality outside of showing when it's active, it provides role players a chance to find like minded individuals. To see if another player wants to Role play just check your Party Page and see if their RPG button is active too!

On the right page you will find your current equipment. If you want to know more about your current equipment just click the icon corresponding to the item you want to know more about.

The last part of the Player Page is the Return To Tavern button, and you guessed it! This button allows you to travel back to the tavern.

We hope you enjoyed!

Note: Everything shown is in PC VR alpha and may not represent final product. Graphics, gameplay, and features may change depending on HMD.

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