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February '22 Development Update

Greetings! Let's start with a joke to break the ice.

What do you call a fake noodle? An im-pasta!

Okay... Dumb joke I get it. I guess I should focus on this development update thing - let's get down to it!


February - End of Month Update:

Steam: While playing Redemption's Guild your Steam profile will now showcase your class, level, and which zone you're in. Which means you can now show off how far you've advanced your class to all of your friends and they don't even need to be in-game! Hoozah!

UI Updates: How exciting. RIGHT!? We just wanted to show off how pretty it all is. :3

Journal - Inventory Page


We also worked on:

  • Questing bugs.

  • Implementing audio to the enemy spellcaster's minions.

  • Added equipment class and color variation icons to the merchant UI.

  • Updated the Inventory and Title journal page filter UI. (Inventory filters can be seen in image above)

  • Rogue class ability will no longer show on your hands.

  • Fixed berserker skull not working properly in the wardrobe area of Tilnu Tavern.

  • Passive stat allocation now displays correctly.

  • Fixed issue where enemies would double up on abilities.

  • Account creating and log in now work correctly.

  • Profanity filter when naming character.

  • Updating teleportation.

And so much more...


Feature Discussion: Labyrinths

The labyrinth game mode is just one of three games modes you'll experience at the launch of Redemption's Guild. You and your friends will descend deep into the dark tunnels between the Tilnu Tavern to fight off enemies who have claimed the labyrinth as their home. Every play through of the labyrinth will be unique thanks to procedural generation. This means you'll have to communicate with your teammates to reach the end. Maybe you'll stick together as a team so you're not overwhelmed by enemies or perhaps you're all feeling courageous and want to split up, either way, the dangers and treasures that await you will always be different.

Your team will have a predetermined amount of time to slay Torvis - the king of skeletons - and collect the treasures he is protecting. If you can't defeat him within the time limit, your party will be kicked back to to Tilnu Tavern, where you can discuss a new game plan. This game mode has a high risk/reward and is not for the faint of heart.

Did you know?

There are traveling merchants who will randomly set up shop around the adventure zones? You may find an astral shard you need to boost your stats or that final piece of colored gear you need to complete your set.


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