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Full Launch Announcement!

Greetings Everyone,

We at Unlit Games apologize for the lack of updates in the last few weeks, we have been working at getting the game prepared for full launch. We know it’s been a long time coming and we’re happy to finally be approaching release.

It goes without saying we appreciate all the support and assistance we’ve had along the way to help shape the game, from our team here at Unlit Games to those of you within our community providing suggestions and feedback. We've had our fair share of obstacles and troubles in development, but it’s all coming together and we’re extremely proud of the product we were able to build together.

As to what to expect here in the next few weeks, we will be pushing one patch today to correct some issues with players being able to access the game after logging in. Besides that, the next update will be the full launch of the game, which will include some anticipated features such as the Ranger class. We will also be introducing a new enemy type into the game created by one of our backers with the assistance of our talented artists.

We hope to see you in game and that you enjoy what’s to come in the following weeks. Again, we greatly appreciate all the support from our community during development.

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