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January '22 Development Update

Well, well, well... if it isn't 2022. Where are the flying cars, space travel, and pills that fill you up once swallowed? Despite how disappointed we may be with technology not advancing as much as films from the 80's showcased, at least we have virtual reality.

I digress, let's not sit here and reminisce over what could have been, let's just be happy with what we have now... and what's coming later this year... That's right! We're happy to announce that Redemption's Guild will be launching this year! We're currently aiming for a late September/early October launch window, but we should have a finalized date sometime in July/August.

Questing icon

January - End of Month Update:

Questing: We've tested 15+ changes over the last month and questing has been working well. We still have about another months work of development work to do on the engineering side and then we'll be jumping head first into quest creation and all the nuanced questing setup.

Combat: We put a lot of focus into combat this last month. Some of our biggest highlights are:

  1. We're implementing behavior voice lines for enemies! This allows us to give more personality to the enemies by giving them a chance to play audio clips when: low on health, charging at player, luring, calling for help, dodging, enters caution state (searching for player).

  2. Elementalists rejoice, enemies can be slowed down or frozen in place!

  3. Rogue enemies - who can stealth - will now stay stealthed until they are ready to whoop your ass. They no longer break stealth the minute they become aware of the player and begin walking toward them.

And so much more...


Feature Discussion: Combat

Easily one of the most important systems in any fantasy adventure is combat. Which is why we've created unique combat features to set us apart from the competition. Below you'll find a list of just a few ways our combat is different:

  1. No more swinging your weapon like a maniac to deal ungodly amounts of DPS. Our fatigue system fixes this by dulling DPS if players are wrist flicking. We encourage more natural melee swings.

  2. We've added anti-parry mechanics to melee enemies so they can't be parried every time they swing their weapon. Once an enemy has been parried multiple times, they will become enraged, making their melee attacks un-parryable (not a word).

  3. Several classes, each with their own unique play style, equipment sets, and abilities.

Spellcaster enemy details.

Did you know?

There are three game modes in Redemption's Guild?

  1. Labyrinths

  2. Arenas

  3. Adventure Zones


That's all for today folks! We look forward to sharing more with you next month.

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