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July '22 Development Update


It's time for another Redemption's Guild development update, however, this one is extra special! Please read on...



Last month we announced that the first beta would be starting soon. Well, the wait is nearly over. We're happy to announce that both ambassadors and tier 6 founders will receive access to the beta on Saturday, August 6th @ 12 pm EST! If you're a tier 4 or 5 founder and your curious when beta #2 and #1 will drop, keep an eye on your inbox as both beta phases will be live over the next couple months.

If you're in the beta #3 group, you'll receive an email with beta specifics and a Steam key. Emails should be arriving on Friday, August 5th. If you do not receive an email by 6 pm EST Friday, please email

Beta #3 details:

  • Platform: Steam

  • We have plans to launch on the Oculus store (ETA - either early access or full launch), but beta tests will only be on Steam.

  • Dates: Saturday, August 6th @ 12 pm EST - Sunday, August 14th @ 8 pm EST.

  • Account data will be wiped between beta phases + before early access launch.

  • Notable features:

  • Scenes:

  • Vohril's Stand (Adventure)

  • Areda Dunes (Adventure)

  • Areda Arena (Arena)

  • Tilnu Labyrinth (Labyrinth)

  • Tilnu Tavern (Hub)

  • Procedural generated questing system (lite)

  • All scenes launching in Early Access

  • 5 classes:

  • Rogue

  • Berserker

  • Knight

  • Cleric

  • Elementalist

  • Interactive Tutorial

  • And so much more...

  • Features not in beta #3:

  • Multiplayer (WIP - planned for future beta phase)

  • Voice chat

  • Full questing experience

  • More quests

  • Quest givers provide additional information about the quest objective/location

  • Escort quest type

  • Class: Ranger (WIP - planned for full launch)


What have we been working on?

Our main focus over the last month has been to get our single player experience as polished as possible. From completion of our interactive tutorial to optimizing the game, there is never a dull moment in game development... let's dive in shall we?

Interactive Tutorial:

We've implemented an interactive tutorial to assist new players in learning the ropes of Redemption's Guilds. The tutorial will begin the moment you step into the Tilnu Tavern (hub) and will guide you through the basics of combat, how to buy/sell items, equip new gear, buy skills, and much more.


Oh boy - this one was tough. We spent several days focused on improving the performance within both the labyrinth and adventures zones. Due to the number of enemies we were spawning, we were maxing out Unity's physics and causing GPU bottlenecks. That plus having (what felt like) 1 million small rocks/grass spread throughout the scenes were causing major frame loss.

After several days of banging our heads against a wall, we were finally able to increase the performance by a staggering amount. Of course, our optimization work is never done and we'll continue these efforts over time.


Feature Discussion: Adventure Scenes

Adventure scenes are large scale environment with a focus on exploration and questing. Whether you want to travel solo or with a party you'll always find something new to do, as our questing system is procedurally generated and no two quests are alike. If questing isn't your cup of tea, no worries, there are chests full of goodies to collect, traveling merchants looking to sell rare items, and mini-bosses to conquer.

There are 2 adventure zones launching with Redemption's Guild, Vohril's Stand and Areda Dunes (pictured below).

Did you know? Lunos, the deity of darkness is Auroris' brother. Check it out!


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