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June '22 Development Update

Hello there beautiful people!

It's that time again. Time for us to plop our asses down at the desk and write up all the awesome stuff the team has been working on over the last month. Let's go!


We're excited to announce that our first closed beta (starting with phase #3 and working down to #1) phase will be rolling out soon. That's right! After several years of hard work we're excited to announce that all 3 closed beta phases will be rolling out between August-September, with launch shortly after (yes... in '22)!

Who can participate?

If you pre-purchased Redemption's Guild while sales were open, you will be able to participate in the beta phases included in the tier purchased.

  • Tier 4 - Beta #1

  • Tier 5 - Beta #1 & 2

  • Tier 6 - Beta #1, 2 & 3

Additionally, both press and ambassadors will have access to all beta phases.

We'll have more information about beta dates and what will be included in each beta phase in next months development update and the official Redemption's Guild Discord server. If you have any questions, please email

What have we been working on?

With beta around the corner, we've been working on ensuring the single-player experience is working properly. If you've ever played a video game you'll know that a bug free game is nearly impossible, but we're trying our best to squash as many game breaking bugs as we can - grab the boot! Once we've determined single-player is working to our liking, we'll be diving deep into multiplayer again to finish up the remaining tasks.


We've tested and tweaked several abilities to ensure things are working properly. We're nearly done with our testing and we're excited for you to find which class and build work best for your play style!

Fixing Combat Issues:

We've identified and fixed several combat issues. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Adjusting each enemy races close combat distance and ensuring enemies don't walk into the player.

  • Fixed an issue where enemies spawning into the arena were having their stats multiplied... this made it very difficult to kill them.

  • We fixed an issue where players became chuck norris... I mean invincible. No one should hold that much power.

  • Torvis' (labyrinth boss) fissure ability collider will now hit players - be careful!


We're working on a (more) interactive tutorial system. The tutorial will help guide players through all the basics of Redemption's Guild with both visual queues and endearing words from the deity of light, Auroris, herself!

We also worked on:

  • Fixing merchant astral shard issues.

  • Hand animations - ensuring they update when interacting with a UI.

  • Resolved an issue where the lootbags were breaking.

  • ...and much more!


Feature Discussion: Traveling Merchants

Throughout your travels you'll likely encounter merchants who are looking to sell their goods. These merchants can only be found in the adventure zones; Areda Dunes and Vohril's Stand.

The items they sell are typically of higher rarity than what you'd find in the Tilnu Tavern and can include both gear and astral shards. It's recommended to have some extra currency saved up, this way you have the funds to buy that last colored gear piece you've been looking for!

Did you know? There are several easter eggs spread throughout Stellaria?


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