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March '22 Development Update


The Unlit Games team is back with another exciting update for Redemption's Guild!


March - End of Month Update:

Questing: After several months of hard work, we're happy to announce that the questing system is now feature complete and in stable condition!

What makes Redemption's Guilds questing system unique? Every quest is procedurally generated! This means it doesn't matter if you decide to do an assassination, collect, kill, escort, or a defend quest, every single quest will be unique. Additionally, each quest giver can be asked questions about the location the quest objective is located in and the quest objective itself.

Compass: We've completed work (outside of UI polish) on the compass tool.

During your travels throughout Stellaria you may find yourself needing to locate friends of key points of interest. This is where you handy-dandy compass will come in! The compass is located around your characters waist and will showcase where teammates, activated Auroris altars, quest objectives and the cardinal direction north is located.

We also worked on:

  • A s#$! ton of multiplayer systems.

  • Implementing additional enemy audio clips - enemies will now play audio clips specific to their race and current behavior.)

  • Set up quest compass icons.

  • Polishing the title page UI.

  • Polishing the passive page UI.

  • Added a new UI to the main menu that will provide players with more information about each class.

  • Version control - players will now be unable to play the game if their local game version mismatches the current game version.

And so much more...

Main Menu - Class Description UI

(Once you grab an orb you will be given additional class information.)


Feature Discussion: Obtaining Gear

Ding! Congratulations, you've obtained rogue level 5!

You hear the deity Auroris' voice from within, "My champion, I have an armament awaiting you at my bestowment altar. " Excited to receive a gift from the goddess of light herself, you quickly open your notebook, summon a portal back to the Tilnu Tavern and step through. Once you arrive, you hastily make your way to the bestowment altar. The altar greets you with a new piece of rogue gear, but this equipment symbolizes more than a "Cool new shiny item." it's a gift from Auroris, honoring you for your devotion in the fight against Lunos' forces.

The story above is just one of the many ways you can obtain unique gear in Redemption's Guild. You can also obtain gear by successfully completing the labyrinth, advancing in the arena, looting enemies, exploring (treasure chests), completing quests, or purchasing them from merchants.

Did you know?

There are various easter eggs hidden throughout the world? Let us know if you spot any!


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