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May '22 Development Update


We're back with another development update for our VR Online RPG - Redemption's Guild! Please, come in, take a seat, have a pint (or two!) and read on.


What have we been working on?

Multiplayer: We've still be neck deep in multiplayer work to ensure all systems are functioning properly with multiple players in a party. We ran into a few barriers that slowed down our progress, but we're happy to say that we've fixed a majority of them over the last week. We are happy to announce that buffs, heals (both single and AoE) and damage abilities are working properly. We also have scene loading working and we're just ironing out a couple of performance issues.

Optimization: During the course of our multiplayer work, we've had to touch several core systems. One of which was how enemies and players load into a scene. After many sleepless nights, 2 tons of coffee, and some magic from the engineering team, we were able to gain massive FPS gains!

Remastered Discord: We're happy to announce that our marketing partners over at Community Villa have completely remastered our Discord server. Come check it out!

We also worked on:

  • Polishing the players ability hotbar UI.

  • Polishing the boss nameplate UI.

  • Backend security.

  • And more!


Feature Discussion: Cleric - Dual Casting

If you fancy yourself more of a healer or support type, then you'll likely find yourself playing as a cleric. Where they lack in damage output, they more than make up for with their healing/buffing versatility. Not only are they able to resurrect fallen allies, but they have the capability to change a majority of their skills from single target to an area of effect (AoE) by simply raising their staff above their head. You'll have to think quickly while in the heat of battle, as AoEs will heal multiple allies, but the HP recovery will pale in comparison to the single target version.

Did you know?

Clerics rely on spirit to cast heal/resurrect abilities. Spirit can be replenished by enemies.


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