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November '22 Development Update

Why hello there adventurer. We hope you've been enjoying your time in Stellaria over the launch week!



Below is our roadmap up until full launch in February '23. Though it's not mentioned on the roadmap - I am proud to announce that we're completely recreating the introductory tutorial. It will be less wordy and only show relevant information.


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What have we been working on?

Since launch last week we have pushed out 3 patches - we've outlined the patch notes below.

Patch 0.901:

  • (Labyrinth - Enemy) Tweaked how far enemies can see in the labyrinth. Potential fix for enemies who were able to see players through walls.

  • (Tavern - Chronicles) Hands will now animate to a pointer finger when touching the chronicles question button.

  • (Tavern - Chronicles) Fixed an issue where the chronicles text UI would disappear too quickly.

  • (Notebook - Multiplayer Tab) Fixed an issue with the the available rooms UI not being correctly spaced.

  • (Notebook - Party Tab) The party page now updates properly when viewing different party members info.

  • (Notebook - Party Tab) Fixed an issue where the third person to join a party would have have an error when displaying their name in the party page.

  • (Player Nameplate) Account ranks displayed on nameplates will now update in real-time.

  • (Adventure Zones) Fixed an issue where every player who joined a party would increase the number of spawned enemies in adventure zones.

  • (Enemy) Added text above the dojo dummies to denote which dummies are for testing healing or damage.

  • (Loot) Added an icon to the right of the items found in lootbags - if the button is clicked, the item will not be collected once the back is obtained.

  • (NPC - Questgiver) Fixed an issue where the questgiver NPC's health crystals would cause an error when leaving adventure zones.

Patch 0.902:

  • (Berserker) Adjusted the placement of the berserker skull to not occlude vision to the class ability information. (TIP: Class ability information is shown on your left hand when your ability menu is out.)

  • (Astral Shards) Updated the icon for the account rank 5 chronicle reward.

  • (Player) Slightly decreased the sliding locomotion speed.

  • (Vohril's Stand) Raised an auroris altar that was previously halfway into the ground.

  • (Notebook) Removed an extra (unneeded) image from the questing page.

  • (Merchants) Fixed an issue where sometimes traveling merchants would break.

  • (Mana Drop) Mana drops, which are used to recharge a cleric's healing ability will now only drop for clerics. (TIP: As a cleric you can see how much mana you have by the crystals on your staff.)

  • (Enemies) Potential fix for enemies freezing/not moving while in a party.

  • (Cleric) Decreased the cooldown on the cleric's default spell. To balance the damage, we have also decreased the amount of damage it inflicts on enemies slightly.

Patch 0.902:

In this patch we have rebalanced both player and enemy abilities, increased the pace at which melee enemies will attack, and sped up the pace of combat. Be careful, enemies are much more dangerous.

  • (Enemies) Decreased the gap between melee enemy default attacks.

  • (Enemies) Increased the damage of all enemy damaging abilities - be careful out there adventurers.

  • (Enemies) Rebalanced player stats and abilities:

  • Berserker:

  • Reduced attack power slightly.

  • Increased healing power slightly.

  • Adjusted defense stats.

  • Decreased cooldown on bloodthirst.

  • Decreased cooldown and adjusted stats for Demoralize.

  • Decreased cooldown and damage on Savage Strike.

  • Decreased cooldown and damage on Shockwave.

  • Increased cooldown on Looming Presence.

  • Cleric:

  • Increased healing power slightly.

  • Increased magic power slightly.

  • Adjusted defense values slightly.

  • Decreased cooldown on Blessing.

  • Increased damage and decreased the cooldown on focused light (default staff spell).

  • Decreased cooldown on Recovery.

  • Decreased the cooldown and increased the damage on Solar Bolt.

  • Decreased cooldown on Stifle.

  • Decreased cooldown and increased damage on Sunbeam.

  • Elementalist:

  • Adjusted magic power slightly.

  • Adjusted defense values slightly.

  • Decreased cooldown on Incinerate.

  • Increased damage on all tome (glyph) spells.

  • Increased damage (slightly) on Fireblast.

  • Knight:

  • Adjusted attack power value.

  • Adjusted defense values.

  • Decreased cooldown and increased stats on Brace.

  • Decreased cooldown and increased damage on Forceful Blow.

  • Decreased stats on Rally.

  • Decreased damage on True Strike.

  • Decreased cooldown on Shield Bash.

  • Increased healing value of Recovery.

  • Rogue:

  • Adjusted damage values slightly.

  • Adjusted defense values slightly.

  • Decreased cooldown and damage on Decisive Strike.

  • Decreased cooldown and increased damage on Fan of Knives.

  • Decreased stas on hiddenstrike.

  • Decreased cooldown on Merciless Assault.

  • Decreased cooldown on Snake Venom.

  • (Ability Menu) Fixed an issue where the ability menu would not despawn.

  • (Compass) Party member names will now be shown near their compass icon. - (Adventure Zones) Parties spawning into adventure zones will now spawn at the same auroris altar.

  • (Tutorial) Fixed a typo in the cleric tutorial.

  • (Notebook - Main Page) Added text to the main page that explains where both equipment and astral shards can be equipped. (TIP: Astral shards can be used to boost your stats, equip them at the shard altar in the tavern.)

  • (Elementalist) Tome (glyph) spells will now fly to the tip of the wand much faster.

  • (Elementalist) Adjusted the throw settings for tome (glyph) spells for both the Oculus (Quest 2 fixes will be in the next build) and Index controllers. Throwing spells should now feel better.

Don't hesitate to share your thoughts. We're continuously making improvements based off your feedback!

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