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November '21 Development Update

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Cold weather, a big delicious ham dinner (who likes turkey?) and your good ol' uncle Jeff yelling at the kids to shut up so he can watch the sport game. That's right, it's Thanksgiving week! Not only do you get to eat delicious food this week, you're also getting a new fresh out the oven development update on the tasty Online VR RPG, Redemption's Guild!

Auroris Healing Altar - Resurrects players and refills their potions.


November - End of Month Update:

  1. Multiplayer: Although we previously had multiplayer working, we've started to run into issues as other systems were added to the game. Now that a majority of those systems are completed, we've turned our eyes back to the beast that is online play and we're ready to slay the beast! Or resurrect it? Either way, it'll be fully functional soon!

  2. Item Database Rewrite: Yay for technical jargon! Basically, one of our engineers smashed their faces against the keyboard a lot and now our equipment has an ID associated with it. One of the many reasons this is important, is because we don't want to update the player's account inventory by sending a message like, "Hey, I got an item, It's call 'Kitten, blessed cat sword from the southern isles.' save it to my account" and will now say, "Hey, I got 'ID2', save it now... please."

  3. Tilnu Tavern Renovation: We've added a kitchen to the tavern. This kitchen will be used by the amazingly talented dwarven chef, Mordana. We just hope she knows how to make a delicious Thanksgiving meal and mead!

  4. Class and Color Icons: We've added the class and equipment color icons to the loot bag, merchant and inventory. This will allow users to easily see which class a specific piece of gear is for, as well as which color the gear is.


Feature Discussion: Astral Shards

Astral shards are Redemption's Guild unique take on stat gems. Since the equipment in Redemption's Guild is purely cosmetic, we designed the astral shard system to allow you to fine tune your characters stats. Which means you'll want to keep a keen eye out for these bad boys while you're adventuring.

Astral shard in action.

Did you know?

Most of the gear found in Redemption's Guild comes in several unique colors.


Well, that's all for this month folks. We look forward to sharing more updates on the multiplayer system next month as well as discussing more features and celebrating Christmas! Happy holidays everyone. Thank you for all your love and support, we look forward to seeing you in Stellaria!

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