October '21 Development Update

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Greetings all,

You smell that? It's time for another Redemption's Guild development update! Throughout October, the team has been hard at work to complete server integration, fix questing bugs, update UIs, and much more!

October - End of Month Update:

  1. Server Integration: The server integration is nearly completed with only a handful of tasks left to complete, such as: creating an editor UI to assign founders with titles/gear, redesigning the item and equipment database, and fixing a few bugs.

  2. Journal Page - Skills: Players can now purchase and assign skills to their radial menu (hotbar).

  3. Journal Page - Titles: We've added a title page to the notebook.

  4. Journal Page - Settings: Added options to adjust the player rotation type: smooth and snap, as well as rotation degree options.