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October '21 Development Update

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Greetings all,

You smell that? It's time for another Redemption's Guild development update! Throughout October, the team has been hard at work to complete server integration, fix questing bugs, update UIs, and much more!

October - End of Month Update:

  1. Server Integration: The server integration is nearly completed with only a handful of tasks left to complete, such as: creating an editor UI to assign founders with titles/gear, redesigning the item and equipment database, and fixing a few bugs.

  2. Journal Page - Skills: Players can now purchase and assign skills to their radial menu (hotbar).

  3. Journal Page - Titles: We've added a title page to the notebook.

  4. Journal Page - Settings: Added options to adjust the player rotation type: smooth and snap, as well as rotation degree options.

  5. Journal Page - Character: Update the character page to show real-time stat changes when astral shards are removed.

  6. Experience Points: We've reworked the experience points needed to level player classes and accounts.

  7. Questing: We've dug deep into creating quest givers, placing nodes for escort quests, fixing bugs, extensively testing and more!

  8. Wardrobe: The equipment color variation icons will not be greyed out if unobtained, instead of being empty spaces on the UI.

  9. Future Proof - Additional Classes: We've fixed an issue where accounts would break if there were more classes in-game, then their was when the account was initially created. This will allow us to create more classes down without breaking everything under the sun!

  10. Chess Reset Button: We've added a button to the tavern that will reset the chess pieces.

UI Designs:

First up is the skill page UI. This is a mockup of the design we plan on implementing in-game.

The images below showcase the class icons on the Gear Progression page. Once you select a class, the next page will be populated with all the gear that class can wear.

Lastly, if you didn't get a chance to see our Grand Tour (Zones) Trailer, check it out below!

I could go on and on about all the work we've done this last month, but I wanted to keep it short, sweet, and to the point. The team has been kicking ass and we're extremely excited to get you in-game and playing Redemption's Guild next year!

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