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Redemption's Guild Has Launched!

Grab your friends and get ready for a fantasy adventure - Redemption's Guild is now available to purchase on Steam!



Play with Friends

Redemption's Guild allows up to four players to adventure together. Whether you are a knight on the front line, a cleric healing the party, or any of our other robust classes, gather your best dungeon party and join the adventure together.


At the core Redemption's Guild is based on progression. There are a variety of different ways to progress that include advancing your class level and account rank, unlocking skills and passives, and collecting armor, astral shards, and weapons.


Customization is what will make your character unique. From the appearance of the armor and weapons you are wielding, to the skills you decide to take on the battlefield, play the character you want to play.




Journey across lands full of enemies, rich treasures, and slay monsters along the way.


Can your party find the treasure? Be vigilant; dangers abound within these walls.


Prove yourself a master of sword or spell as an onslaught of enemies attempt to destroy you.

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