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Redemption's Guild - November Dev Update

Greeting adventurers!

Time for our monthly dev update!

What we've been working on.

  • Questing Manager/Questing System. We've revisited questing and began upgrading the system. We will be working through testing these changes over the next several weeks, and then we will begin building out the various main story and side quest we've been working on.

  • Multiplayer. We are still working through our multiplayer tasks but we are making good progress. We will have functional multiplayer in our next ambassador demo.

  • Voice chat. Voice chat has been implemented, but we have several tests to complete before it's finished.

  • Rebuilding our online database.

What's next?

  • We've redone our entire online database. Once it's completed we will be changing over our in game systems to hook up to the proper tables in the database.

  • New enemy spawner with functionality to spawn world bosses.

  • Various misc. tasks... i.e. skills working properly with new Unity version, combat tested thoroughly for bugs, passive skill system completed, and many more!

We've been hard at work here at Unlit Games and we appreciate your love and support. We're excited to launch Redemption's Guild on PC and PSVR this upcoming year and we wanted to thank you for all you do.

Please note we will not have a December Dev Update due to holiday vacations.

Thank you all!

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