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Redemption's Guild - October Dev Update

Greetings everyone! we are back with another monthly update on Redemption's Guild!

What have we been working on?

- We updated our Unity version from 2017 to 2019. This was an EXTREMELY painful task full of unforeseen issues, as anyone who has ever upgraded a gaming engine mid-project would know. But we are finally on the back end of this hurdle and are picking up any loose ends that broke along the way.

- We've implemented a new VR system called XR. This allows us to have more control over each VR headset/controllers and will hopefully help us resolve issues that we encountered when doing our last Ambassador test.

- Multiplayer used to work fairly well back in the early RG days, but once we started to add more complicated enemies, spells, and features into the game it slowly started to break. We're now focusing on cleaning up the multiplayer and getting it back to a working state that we are happy with for EA launch. So far we've made great progress this last week.

What are you going to be tackling over the next month?

- Finish multiplayer tasks.

- Create a new enemy spawning system. We've ran into issues along the way with getting enemies spawning/despawning, so we've decided to take a little bit of time to make sure we have a solid system that works the way we need it to.

- Various backlogs tasks: new DamageFX system (red on screen when taking damage), more server room information shown on journal when in a room, voice chat, and more!

When is release?

- Currently we have an EA launch date of Q1 '21 for PC VR and a full launch for PSVR/PC VR in 2021. I pre-ordered the game, when is the beta?

- We are hoping to have beta stage 1 sent to all of tier 6 founders in the beginning of 2021. The other beta stages for tier 4 & 5 founders will be in the weeks following beta stage 1 launch.

How much longer do I have to pre-order?

- We are taking down pre-orders sometime in the next 1-2 months most likely. We've hit our budget goals needed to launch the game so we are just keeping them open at this point for people to claim any extra rewards they want before launch. Be sure to check them out at:

Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding through this year, it's been a crazy one and the team has been affected by all the craziness of 2021 in various ways. We really appreciate this community.

Stay safe.

President - Michael L.

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