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Redemption's Guild - Progress Update - August 2020

Greetings adventurers!

We know you've all been waiting for more updates on the EA launch date for PC VR and the full launch date for PSVR. We figured we would drop a quick update to shed some light on everything going on. Production of the game is going great, we are still working around the clock to implement and polish up all the features we have planned for launch.

Currently we are working on:

  • Creating the 4 world bosses we will have in early access.

  • Upgrading our Unity version and VR systems, this is quite an undertaking but once it's complete we should be able to make the game work better on all VR HMDs.

  • -Updating our backend servers to clean things up and create a more secure and organized database.

Once we are done with these tasks we will be heading into finishing up:

  • Multiplayer

  • Questing, we are stripping the old quest system to create a more updated and polished system that works better for our main story and dynamic quest needs.

  • Finishing up a few core systems for skills, player management, enemy spawners, astral shard saving, etc

  • Adding in the tutorial

We still have some big tasks to undertake, and we know some of you have been waiting for quite some time, but we are trying to create a solid game that doesn't feel rushed. VR isn't going anywhere and which each passing day more VR games or experiences come out that just disappoint the players. We are dedicated to our game and our fans and we won't push the game out until we are happy with how it feels and plays.

We will have more updates and videos in the coming months leading up to launch and we look forward to having you all experience the beautiful world of Stellaria when Redemption's Guild launches in the coming months.

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