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Traversing Stellaria

Updated: Oct 31, 2017

During your time exploring the world of Stellaria in Redemption's Guild you will find there are a variety of unique ways to traverse the land. 


Note: Not all VR devices support 360 tracking so we have implemented a player turn feature. How to use: point your controller in the direction you want to face and press the turn button. This will instantly turn your player in the direction your controller was facing.


Player Movement Controls


Redemption's Guild offers 2 different types of player movement controls.



Teleportation allows you to move your character around the world by jumping from your current position to the location highlighted by your controller.


How to use:

Click and hold the teleportation button on your controller.

Point your controller where you want to teleport to.

Release button.


To keep teleportation users and sliding users comparable in speed we have implemented a small feature to limit how often a player can teleport. After a teleport you'll notice your distance to travel radius will be short for a small period of time on your next teleport (distance can be seen while holding down teleport button), the distance radius will gradually grow until max distance has been reached. This system allows players to teleport non stop at a smaller distance or wait a brief time and teleport at max distance - all while still keeping travel distance the same.



This method of movement will allow you to move your character across the world in a more fluent way. 


How to use:

Push the button/touchpad/analog to propel your character.

Point the controller in the direction you want to go.


Extra - (Requires VR motion controllers with an analog stick or touchpad) Use your analog/touchpad to change your characters movement direction.


Map (Tavern)

When you are ready to leave the tavern and join a game mode you will need to use the world map found on the wall inside the command center room.


Return To Tavern (Notebook)

Once you are inside a game mode you may find yourself needing to return to the tavern. To do so just spawn your notebook and click the Return To Tavern button.


Until next time!

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