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Greetings! Welcome to the Unlit Games press kit webpage. We are happy to supply any information that you don't find on this page, to make any such requests please email

Video Policy: You're free to create videos and monetize them. This includes streaming, video uploading, and ad-supported content. There is no need to request permission to use Redemption's Guild content. We support our streamers and video content creators!


Redemption's Guild is one of the premier VR Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MORPGs) with an emphasis on combat, character progression and customization. Join your friends and discover one of the first VR RPGs in the industry.


Game Modes


Journey across lands full of enemies, discover the rich lore, and slay monsters along the way.


Can your dungeon party find the treasure, fulfill your objective, and escape the labyrinth? Be vigilant; dangers abound within these walls.


Prove yourself a master of sword or spell as an onslaught of enemies attempt to destroy you.

Features: Current state of Early Access.

  • 5 classes to master: Rogue, Knight, Elementalist, Berserker, and Cleric.

  • Over 100 unique pieces of equipment to collect each piece with 6 different color variations.

  • 20 levels to achieve in each class.

  • Hundreds of account rank levels to achieve!

  • 4 player online co-op!

  • Dynamic combat, the AI will dodge attacks, heal, lure players into ambushes, and much more!

  • 2 massive Adventure zone maps: Vohril's Stand and Areda Dunes.

  • Hub - Tilnu Tavern

  • Areda Arena with several waves to conquer.

  • Full procedural generate labyrinth underneath Tilnu Tavern, every play through is unique!

  • Questing in both adventure zones.


More videos can be found on our YouTube channel.


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Ever since the age of 10 Michael Lepard wanted to work in the gaming industry, despite all the nay-sayers saying "It's tough to get into and you need to know people." he set off to create his first company, Unlit Games. After working on small projects in Unity in his free time he brought in his friend Derek "Dirk" Adams to help brainstorm ideas.

Several weeks after messing with Unity Michael Lepards wife had passed away due to an ectopic pregnancy. He put his gaming dreams behind him and trudged through the coming years trying to figure out what to do next.

Years later, now happily married and with an amazing daughter who means everything to him, Michael took his dreams back into his hands when he received a VR HMD for his birthday. He started to integrate his passion for VR with some old game ideas.

In 2016 he had one idea for a game that he just couldn't stop thinking about, he would stay up all night writing down ideas and thinking of making them a reality, a virtual one! He brought on a programmer and an artist and started to build a prototype for one of the first VR Online RPGs. Thus Redemption's Guild was born.

He posted a YouTube video online showing off his ideas and it became an overnight success. Over the course of one night thousands of people had watched the prototype video and reddit was buzzing about the idea of a VR Online RPG. Michael then knew what he had to do, he called up his old buddy Derek and started working on Redemption's Guild.

Now several years later Unlit Games has grown and has a talented teams of both newcomer and AAA devs from companies like Ubisoft, EA, RockStar Games, and Icarus Studios! From the combat AI to the amazing sounds and visuals, Redemption's Guild is an VR Co-op RPG you will not want to miss.

Meet some of the team!

Michael Lepard - President and Creative Director - started working on video games in 2012. Over the years Michael has worked on multiple I.T. projects around the globe for companies like Johnson and Johnson and Black Stone. He has also worked as a consultant for companies like Jadoku and Spillage Games. He loves VR and strives to create games that are enjoyable and unique, even if this means pushing industry boundaries to their limits.


Favorite games are: Rocket League, .Hack, Guild Wars (original), Rift, World of Warcraft, and EverQuest II. He also has a killer MMORPG collection where he has collected over 60 physical games many of which are still sealed.


Derek Adams - Vice President and Lead Loremaster -  began teaching himself how to write in 2010 and now writes for Unlit Games. He has always had interest in gaming and having an influence on the creation of games, to bring what players want to the market. This interest brought him and Micheal Lepard to begin brainstorming games back in 2009. To this day Derek observes market news to see what influencing companies are doing and uses the opinions of the gaming community to help steer Unlit Games down the path that benefits the gaming community. 

Mark Manson - Lead Engineer - found his love for developing games tinkering with the Unity Engine during his time doing his Mechanical Engineering Diploma, after graduating decided to fully invest himself into programming and went back to university to do a Software Engineering degree, at the time still continued to tinker with unity and has been an early adopter of VR by buying (and waiting half a year for) an Oculus DK1 to arrive at his house, has worked on an AR project briefly and was the sole developer for an iOS and Android app for a year before venturing into what he wanted to do most in life, develop games for a living, and has since been working for Unlit Games.


Favorite game: Legend of Dragoon/Battle Realms/Metal Gear 3 tied for first

Peter Sekula - Senior Environment Artist - started his career at Ubisoft where he spent 12 years as a Senior Environment Artist, Lead Artist, and Art Director for some of Ubi's biggest Triple-A titles. Today, he is Creative Director of his own company, Quantum Theory Entertainment, and has worked on projects for Epic Games, Mold3D, Linden Lab, as well as legions of aspiring independent and hobbyist developers worldwide. 

Liam Anderson - Engineer - began his Software Development experience at the age of 17 as Junior Engineer for a Scottish software company. After working full-time throughout university to gain a degree in Software Engineering and AI he joined the games industry as a programmer for popular AI company AIGameDev.  After multiple indie roles he went onto join companies such as Ubisoft, EA and Rockstar and work on titles such as Need For Speed, GTA and Red Dead Redemption. Working with Unlit Games from June 2019.


Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 8.

Jeremy Aker - Server Engineer - has over 24 years of programming experience. He began developing computer-based training and interactive multimedia applications in Director. Currently, he develops 3D interactive simulations and training in Unity.

Ash Stevenson - 2D Artist - Ash graduated in England with qualifications in animation, illustration, art and design. He has been working as a concept, graphic, UI and 2D artist on many indie game projects for over a decade, mostly with fellow Unlit developer, Liam. After seeing the potential of stepping into your favourite game worlds with VR, he immediately bought an Oculus DK1 and began experimenting with the technology in Unity.


Favourite Games: Final Fantasy 8, Halo 2, KOTOR, Shenmue 1/2, and basically the MMORPG genre in general.

August Sargenti - Audio Engineer - is a producer, composer, engineer, and full time voice actor based in Los Angeles California. He is also afraid of the ocean.  August began his career doing the singer songwriter circuit at open mics and seedy dive bars in the early 90's. He now hides from the public and makes noise from the shadows.  Lucky enough to have worked on several great projects, including Five Nights at Freddy's, Grim Dawn, and Dauntless, he makes an incredible bowl mac and cheese.

Summer Cooke - Editor and Loremaster - is a professional editor who fancies herself a Renaissance woman, having a professional history in diverse areas from construction to induced pluripotent stem cell research. She now studies cyber security while coaching emerging authors and sharpening grant proposals. She loves her Suikoden collection, gaming with her son, and trying to get on as many leaderboards as possible. 

Karol Reczyński - 3d Artist - began his career in video game industry in 2013 as a video game tester. In the meantime studied 3d modeling and worked on small freelance 3d jobs. From 2016 till now made 3d asset creation and visualization the main income (and is happy about this transition). Working with Unlit Games from November 2016.


Favorite game ever: Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. 

Jason Gill - Animator - began his animation career in 2008 working for Icarus Studios.  In 2010, he began animating freelance and has worked on everything from movies, television shows, and commercials, to more odd projects like a 3d motion ride, medical videos, and even a hologram prototype. He joined the Unlit team in May 2017 and Redemption's Guild includes his single most favorite animated piece.

Jake Aquilina - Engineer - specializes in tool development for the unity engine and prefers tackling systems design and backend development over gameplay. He studied in network administrator but didn't feel as accomplished compared to creating something from scratch or seeing AI come to life, so he decided to pursue a bachelor of game programming degree. He studied a fast tracked Degree at SAE and completed his studies in 2017, soon after he joined the team at Unlit Games. He did not own a VR headset at the time, but once he had heard the crazy idea about a VRMORPG he knew he had to be apart of it. Jake has been with Unlit games for a little over 2 years working on Redemption's Guild.

Stephen Waddell - Engineer -  works as an Immersive Media Developer with NC State University and as a Gameplay Programmer with Unlit Games. He is a recent graduate with a degree in Art and Design and several years of freelance programming experience. Most of his work takes him into VR for education or game development and he's worked with a wide range of immersive hardware.


Favorite Game: Nier Automata 

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