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Privacy Policy


Unlitgames.com Privacy Policy

Unlit Games cares about your privacy and has attempted to store and collect as little information as possible about our visitors. This policy describes what sort of data we collect and what you can do with this data.

Unlit Games does not store any personal information from it's visitors/clients on any Unlit Games managed/owned database. Any personal information given through Newsletter signups or Wix Forum signups is stored solely on Wix servers, this includes: Username, Passwords, Emails, Social Media signups/sign ins (if a social media account is used to signup/sign in).

If you would like to know how Wix stores/collects your information please read the Wix Privacy Policy here.

What type of information do we collect and how?

1. Newsletter

When you sign up for our Newsletter Wix stores your email address. Unlit Games has access to a Contact list with these email addresses.

2. Forums

When you sign up for the forums Wix will collect your email, password, username. Unlit Games can only see your Username.

3. Store

When​ you purchase in item in our store you are allowing Wix to store your personal (name, address, email, credit card, etc) information. Unlit Games does not store any of the Wix Store financial information on any our own personal servers.

We also ask for Steam ID, Steam Username, PSN ID and Email address so we can supply pre-order awards to the correct accounts. Unlit Games does keep a secured copy of the following information on our side: (Name, donations amount, email address, VR HMD, Steam ID, Steam Username, Oculus ID, and PSN ID.) This allows us to keep track of the donators and supply the correct rewards.

Why do we collect such personal information?

Email Addresses: We collect these to sent emails out updating our community/clients/visitors of new updates pertaining to Unlit Games and it's products. Pertaining to the Forums Email Addresses are collected for logging in.

Username/Password: We collect this information so you can access a personalized login to chat with other community members in the Wix Forum software.

Store: We collect this personal and financial information (on Wix servers) so you can purchase our products.

How do we store, use, and share your personal information?


Unlit Games does not store any personal information on their own database or software, all of your personal information is stored on Wix servers. We use the Newsletter Email Addresses (given to use through the Wix Contact List) to send updates out to all our clients/community members. We use your Username through the Wix Forums Software to identify individual members. Unlit Games does NOT share any personal information with any other party.

How do we communicate with our site visitors?

We may communicate with our Newsletter signups through email campaigns sent our with updates to our company or products.

We may communicate with our Forum users through discussions at https://www.unlitgames.com/forums.

How do we use cookies and other tracking tools?


The cookies collected at our website Unlitgames.com are put in place by Wix and not by Unlit Games. Wix may place certain monitoring and tracking technologies: cookies, beacons, pixels, tags and scripts throughout it's sites, like Unlit Games. Wix will identify users who access our site, and provide information to Unlit Games. Information like: general location (town/state/country) and if you're subscribed to website, your email. (This is all done through Wix and is not stored on any Unlit Games database). The types of cookies collected serve many purposes: like providing Unlit Games with certain information about our viewers/community and to help keep you secure and provide ease of use.

Purpose of cookies:

  • Communication between site owner and visitor (Wix Chat)

  • Security

  • Identifies logged in site members

How can I (client/visitor/user) withdraw my consent and delete personal information?

If you would like to stop receiving Newsletter updates you can Unsubscribe by clicking the "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of any newsletter email, then just follow the prompts.

If you would like to delete your Forum account, please contact us at Michael@unlitgames.com.

If you are receiving News/Blog/Forum posts and want to stop these, just go to your Forum account settings and unsubscribe or go to each individual blog post/forum section and click the 3 dots (ellipses) and unsubscribe.

Privacy Policy Updates

We hold the right to update or change this privacy policy at any time. Updates will appear immediately at https://www.unlitgames.com/privacy-policy.

Questions or concerns?

Please contact us at Michael@unlitgames.com.