Noble Founder Pack

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You will receive:

  • Exclusive Redemption's Guild Wallpaper
  • x3 Redemption's Guild ($90 Value)
  • Title - "Noble"  + previous titles!
  • Item! Exclusive Kickstarter Dragon Helmet (Usable on all classes)
  • Item! Exclusive Kickstarter Dragon Chest (Usable on all classes)
  • Item! Exclusive Kickstarter Weapon Set (Weapons for each class)
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Full closed beta access
  • Design! Design 2 weapons with the Unlit Games team!
  • Design! Design a set of equipment for the class of your choice!
  • Name in credits as "Epic Supporter"
  • We will mail you an official Redemption's Guild poster!
  • We will mail you an official Redemption's Guild t-shirt!

Noble Founder Pack

  • Wallpaper will be received within one week of purchase.


    Redemption's Guild codes will be given to supporting around the time of launch for PlayStation VR and Early Access for PC VR. There are no set dates.


    Design! Rewards will be discussed between the supporter and a member of the Unlit Games team within 30 days of purchase. Item(s) and designs will be available to all players in game and will be implemented within the first year of launch. All designs are subject to approval by Unlit Games, and we will work closely with you to find a design that fits into our world and doesn't break any of our design policies (logos, text, photos, etc).


    Soundtrack will be emailed to you within 60 days of full launch on PlayStation VR.


    Closed beta is for PC VR ONLY! There are no set dates for closed beta.


    Titles will be given out when titles launch in game post launch, no set date.


    Item! will be given post launch.


North Carolina, U.S.A.

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