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Ever since mortals had begun to expand and plant new settlements across Stellaria, the ever-growing population caused an ever-growing need for food that began to exceed what farms could produce within their growing seasons. As it became clear that another source of food would be needed for many cities, plenty of mortals took to the wilds in search of animals to hunt in order to provide another source of food for their local settlements, which in turn brought these hunters a sizable income from the provision of meats and skins. Originally, the amount of meat these hunters would bring into the settlement was minimal due to them only using a bow along with basic arrows which didn’t always finish their prey in a single shot. It often took many days of hunting to bring in a decent haul. However, many hunters began to commission special arrowheads from blacksmiths while also inventing their own trapping devices to hinder or even wound their prey. With these new tools, the hunters became far more efficient at swiftly procuring game.

During the year 427, as the construction of perimeter walls around the city of Tiastra were finished, the local city guard chose to hire many willing hunters to join in defending the city from various threats. Some of these hunters would continue hunting for the city while acting as scouts for the guard to keep an eye out for potential threats. Others would abandon their lives in the wilds to focus on perfecting their archery to keep watch over the city walls as they were capable of eliminating threats from a distance. No matter their chosen path, these hunters adapted their previous skills for combat and altered their designation to Rangers to separate their titles from those of the remaining hunters.

To the current day, Rangers dot the entire map as combatants that keep a fair distance from the fray. Many remain as members of city guards whether it be as Scouts or Archers, while few join guilds in search of adventure and to make an honest living by accepting various jobs where their specialized  skills are considered a valuable asset.

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