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After light returned to the universe and lifted the veil of darkness that had cloaked Stellaria, settlements and cities across the lands commenced a new age of prosperity. Borders began to expand and trade routes started to take hold between each region, bringing an abundance wealth and sundry goods. With the rise of affluence came the rise of crime. The temptation of fat coin purses and brimming coffers offered ample opportunities for those with deft fingers and quick wits.

Those who had succumbed to the vice of greed learned to use the shadows to their advantage.  Concealing themselves from the wandering eyes of the populace and the keen eyes of the local guard, they perfected the art of stealth. Proficient thieves practiced their ability to grant themselves entrance beyond any door by picking locks with specially crafted tools used to manipulate tumblers.


Many guilds were formed in the year 408, the first of which originated in Tiastra as a result of the many threats that lurked outside its borders. Some of the more enterprising individuals decided to turn away from petty theft and take advantage of the opportunity for a constant flow of tidy profit by working within a guild of bounty hunters. In order to join the guild, each person had to prove their muster against difficult opponents. Having learned a trick or two as former thieves, they earned their place within the guild as a result of good maneuverability and a choice of lightweight weaponry best suited to their unique skill set.

Once in the field and finally attempting missions for themselves, their skills proved a great boon in allowing them to approach targets unseen before they struck, dealing devastating injuries. It wasn’t long after these new members joined the guild that they set their sights on the guild’s more lucrative bounties. Elusive targets demanded complicated measures, and lethal poisons were soon developed to make every strike more devastating against these challenging enemies. Some chose to focus their skill in combat upon use of these poisons and their application, while others mastered stealth and ambush tactics. Because of their willingness to step into the shadows and achieve their ends by any means, these practitioners called themselves the “Rogues” and devoted themselves to their deadly craft.

To this day those who hold the classification of Rogue generally work alongside mercenary guilds, employing their abilities to best eliminate single targets and assist their team members with decisive strikes from the shadows. Still, while their primary utility has become combat, a missing coin purse or an empty coffer might suggest that some Rogues still cultivate their former craft of stealth and nimble fingers.



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