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Class Toppage
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The Tilnu Tavern was once the den of an Infernal Guild. From within its walls, the guild exerted their control over the town of Tilnu and its denizens. As the guild began abducting citizens as test subjects for their nefarious experiments, the residents of Tilnu lived in fear and dwindled in number. Eventually, every resident of Tilnu either vanished or left the town with the last trade caravans that dared to peddle their goods there.

This remained the dismal truth of things in Tilnu until a man by the name of Drapel Smada led a band of fighters against the guild, overpowering the Infernal Guild's stronghold. After their victory, Drapel chartered his own guild and chose the Tilnu Tavern as his first base of operations. The guild was designated “Redemption’s Guild,” as Drapel planned to redeem the region's name and prioritise his resistance against Infernal Guilds.


Vohril’s Stand is a small region located south of the Capital City. It had always served as a bottleneck, slowing possible threats approaching from the west. A statue dedicated to Vohril stands vigil in the canyon, commemorating the fallen hero.

Paladin Vohril commanded a capable platoon in this region against the invading forces as they crept toward the capital. Although they fought with dauntless bravery, his men were defeated, leaving Vohril to stand alone against the enemy’s remaining forces. He fought valiantly, but ultimately he, too, fell in battle. Because of the courageous actions of Vohril and his men, the invader's army was thinned too much, unable to advance, and they were ultimately forced to retreat.


Not much is known about Tilnu Labyrinth, except that those who enter often fail to return. Rumor has it that treasure awaits inside the catacombs, but scarce evidence exists for this claim.


Rolling dunes of burning sand and the remains of long-perished Dragons stretch across the desert. At its epicenter lies a colossal monolith, known as The Astralith, whose existence predates recorded history. Many have theorized what The Astralith could be. Perhaps it has some relation to the remains that lie in the sand? The mystery continues however, as the handful of attempts to excavate along the smooth stone failed in uncovering that which lies beneath...


A popular arena located within Areda Dunes. Once a hosting ground for spectator events where criminals from across the country would fight for their lives, freeing up space in many of the country’s bastilles. While most spectators resided within Areda Dunes, many would also travel from outlying lands, eager to enjoy the games and gamble on the outcomes. Despite its lively and electric past, it has now fallen to silence and ruin.

Even more locations await . . .

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