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Welcome to the Redemption's Guild founder pack page! We are closing in on EA launch and due to community demand are opening this support store to allow you all a chance to snag some goodies and hit some stretch goals before launch!

These stretch goals may not be hit and that's fine, we are nearing launch and do not require extra funding to finish. If the stretch goals are hit it allows us to spend extra resources on getting some of this content done much faster, if the stretch goals aren't hit this doesn't mean we won't support 3DR, PS4 Pro, or add the other content though.



Mini-Booster Pack & PS4 Pro and 3DRudder Support (PSVR)


Mini-Booster will include a new arena map and 2 team death match PvP maps, coming in full launch. We will focus on implementing 3DR and PS4 Pro enhancements. This stretch goal is something we want to do, but with extra funding we can assign team members to focus on these improvements ASAP.

World Booster Pack


We will include an extra adventure and arena map in our first post launch major update, as well as capes. These extra maps will increase the game world by a significant amount.

Pet Expansion Pack


We will introduce an in-depth pet system. You will be able to find rare pets while out exploring. Each pet will have an ability that will aid you on your adventure. You can also trade pets and battle in fierce pet vs. pet combat.


Next Goal

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


Click images below for product details.

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