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Tilnu Tavern

Redemption's Guild - Tilnu Tavern - Scen

The Tilnu Tavern was once the den of an Infernal guild. From within its walls the guild exerted their control over the town of Tilnu and its denizens. As the guild began abducting citizens as test subjects for their nefarious experiments, the residents of Tilnu lived in fear and dwindled in number. Eventually, every resident of Tilnu either vanished or left the town with the last trade caravans that dared to peddle their goods there.

This remained the dismal truth of things in Tilnu until a man by the name of Drapel Smada led a band of fighters against the guild, overpowering the Infernal guild's stronghold. After their victory, Drapel chartered his own guild and chose the Tilnu Tavern as his first base of operations. The guild was designated “Redemption’s Guild,” as Drapel planned to redeem the region's name and prioritise his resistance against Infernal guilds.


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