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Orcs are known for their strong bonds of loyalty and ability to thrive in hostile environments. From tribes once scattered across the lands, the orcs were conscripted into the Infernal Guilds, becoming a fearsome army. Those tribes that dwell openly in the countryside are said to remain in their service, ready to march to war at a moment's notice.

"Not every orc knelt to the whip during the Culling of the Tribes, but it's not like we were gonna take 'em in. The smart ones learned what to hunt to get by. Sometimes that's a traveling merchant. Hey, that's just life." - Shea Firra.


Known for their insatiable greed, goblins apply their innate wit and natural agility toward acquiring whatever sparks their curiosity or obsession. Unscrupulous in nature, goblins eagerly seized the opportunity to curry favor with the Infernal Guilds, with the entirety of their race becoming willing lackeys.


"Now, it's no dread day if you find yourself going one to one with a goblin. Oh, but don't underestimate the wee chancers. It'll be a sore fight for half a loaf!" – Chef Mordana


The skeletons themselves are unremarkable in origin. Early necromancers pilfered from graves, but many of their subjects were delivered willingly to them once their terrifying power became known. The most infamous place of necromantic interest is the Areda arena, where little concern about the disposal of criminals led to the clandestine rise of an undead army.

"We held our ground, our blades unwavering from the first gleam of dawn until the last mote of dusk. As they lost eight for our every one, I dared hope our small force might yet triumph. That hope dimmed as I heard the familiar ring of my fallen commander's sword being loosed from its sheath." – Drapel Smada


The followers of Lunos covet dark magics, as those who master this unholy power are elevated above all others to serve their divine master directly. Able to extend their reach just beyond the veil, the Benighted pay a price with every defilement of the cosmic balance: the same dark powers that protract their lifespan also induce a grotesquely deformed figure.


"Their training regimen consists of over a decade of brutal torture offset by acts of kindness. Once a student reaches sufficient aptitude with their spells, they are rescued as one final test and offered the choice to follow Auroris. Those who agree are instead delivered to necromancers to perish as experiments. Those who reject enlightenment become the Benighted and are granted the freedom to serve." - Saldyr Hilaro


Even more enemies await in the game . . .

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