Orcs are fairly primitive creatures under the spell of the Night God Lunos. Strong in both might and faith, it pays to be wary of the different combatant types. Their ranks consist of Warriors - who cleave their foes with rusty weapons - and the Sages - who weave magical spells to overwhelm their foes with the power of the elements.

Their strong and flexible skin is also highly prized by the Guild's leather-workers as a source of armament material.

Goblins are curious, treasure-obsessed creatures who would slay their own mother for a shiny trinket or Gold. The Source of All Darkness has exploited their vices - such as greed and envy - for its own gain in the spiritual war against the Goddess Auroris.

Be careful, though Goblins appear weak and scrawny... what they lack in physical power, they will more than make up for in murderous cunning.

Even those who have passed away to a peaceful slumber aren't safe from the twisted machinations of Lunos.

Armies of resurrected Undead have been raised and enlisted to fight for ill. Little is known about these tortured souls' driving-force, but this unsolved mystery is a source of great fascination for heretics who study the controversial science of Necromancy.

More enemies to be revealed soon...



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