Orcs band together to create tribes where they work and fight to provide assistance to other tribe members. They have little concern for wealth accumulation except for the raw materials it is minted from.


Their ranks consist of Berserkers- who cleave their foes with rusty weapons, Shamans - who weave magical spells to overwhelm their foes with the power of the elements, and Scouts - who hide in the shadows waiting for their next victim.


Goblins are curious, vain and diminutive creatures who share a distant relation to the Orcs. The Source of All Darkness has made ample use of their cunning and agility by recruiting them into a spiritual conflict against the Goddess Auroris.

Be careful. Though Goblins appear weak and scrawny... what they lack in physical power, they will more than make up for in wit and cunning.


Even those who have passed away to a peaceful slumber aren't safe from the twisted machinations of Lunos.

Armies of resurrected Undead have been raised and enlisted to fight for ill. Little is known about these tortured souls' driving-force, but this unsolved mystery is a source of great fascination for heretics who study the controversial science of Necromancy.


These unholy foes sap Stellaria of its life force, defiling the cosmic balance to sustain their physical bodies. Their unnatural incantations stave off the inevitable grip of Death, but at a grotesque and heavy price.

As accomplished practitioners of magic, they can weave the power of the darkness to annihilate their enemies.

Their flesh is said have dark, magical properties.


Even more enemies await in the game . . .